The Small Miracles Count

Bobbie and Geddy

So, I had to write something down because it was a little tender mercy. A mini miracle, if you will.

We are really happy at our apartment. It's been a wonderful change for us in so many ways. But, as any Mother would, I get worried about how my babies will adjust to our new place. Geddy has done really well. He is sleeping well and loves the space and it's been great. Bobbie (our mini schnauzer) has also done well but I always get worried.

As I have probably mentioned before or for those who know our beloved lady pup, she is a unique creature. She is nervous and extremely alert and protective. She is a true terrier, for sure. We have worked so hard with her over the years (lot's of training) and she is so smart and we work with her (and our) weaknesses. We love her so much and that's why we sometimes worry.

We worry that she will bark too much and bug the neighbors (she has a MIGHTY bark). Or that she will get startled by another dog or a child and then she will snap at them (even though she has never bitten anyone ever!). But with my innate anxiety and being a "Mama" to this anxious dog, I do worry about how I can help her to be confident and adjusted and keep her safe.

SO, now that I have explained that, let's get to the point! We live on the 2nd floor so there is a flight of stairs which makes things interesting when I have a dog, a wiggly 2 year old, and an armful of things that I have to get from the car to the apartment by myself. So, I decided I would run Bobbie up to the apartment super fast and then run back and grab Geddy (Geddy was totally safe, BTW). So I ran her upstairs and dropped everything off and then ran back to get Geddy. I didn't close the door all the way but she wasn't able to get out. The door was just resting shut. It was windy today though so the wind apparently blew the door open (which I didn't know about). I was half way in my car trying to unlatch Geddy from his carseat when I hear a familiar and alert bark. Just one alert bark. I turned around and saw an eager and peppy Bobbie staring at me almost to say "what are we doin' Mama?".

My first thought was "Ah!" but immediately after, I thought "What a good girl!" Some dogs would have bolted at the chance, chasing after a car or person but our little, imperfect, pup followed her Mama  like a shadow because she knew she was off her leash but followed the rules. She gave me one little friendly, high pitched but loud, bark to let me know that she was present.

Although, I don't want that to happen again, I couldn't help but think that the Lord is always watching. He sends us those tender mercies that make us open our eyes and give the people (or pups) around us the credit they often deserve but don't get. And though our Pup still has her weaknesses, so do I. And, remarkably, she loves me even with my imperfections because dogs are the most selfless creatures on the planet. I can't tell you the number of things I have learned from her, she has a piece of my heart.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Tiny miracles that make you think "Wow, I was looked after today".  I am so grateful for this little even that open my eyes and see the Lord's hand in my daily life.

Happy Tuesday!



Easter 2014

Well, yesterday was Easter and a fun Holiday indeed. Chad's family has a tradition where instead of Easter baskets, they were given their Easter Goodies in a new Baseball Hat (they are super baseball fans). I love that tradition, so, we have continued it! We also did a good thought about what Easter really celebrates and tried to focus on Christ. But Geddy really enjoyed the candy too.

Now, Geddy still refuses to wear hats so we haven't gotten one for him yet. I am thinking that next Easter we will get him his first baseball hat. I can't wait because I love them. But until then, we did a fun new book and goodies instead.

Geddy's Basket

Chad, however, still got a new hat filled with his favorite Easter treats. This year, he went with the Detroit Tigers, a handsome cap indeed!

Chad's Easter Hat!

Now, I don't really wear baseball caps so I wanted to get something that I would use. I went for a nice lipstick, Mac Candy Yum Yum to be more specific. It cost almost as much as a new baseball cap so it worked (haha). Then I too got a bunch of yummy candy and I am sure, by the end of the day, I will truly regret it.

My Easter Basket
Mac Candy Yum Yum 

And of course, we couldn't forget our lady pup, Bobbie. We got her a bag of some new little biscuits (Peanut Butter flavored!). She was excited about them for sure! We hid everyone's treats so we could all search for them and than spent the morning making ourselves sick from sugar before church.

Bobbie's Easter Goodies!

In the Evening, we went up to Glamma's cabin and had dinner and did more Easter festivities. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. We sat on the back porche and talked and laughed and just enjoyed everyone's company. It was a wonderful way to end our night. Plus, Geddy got to see the neighbors horse which he LOVES. And he wore a cool Bandana because he has street cred.

Street Cred. 

We really like the fun aspect of Easter but, most of all, we love what Easter represents. I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, lives. And I am so happy to celebrate that. 

Happy Monday!



Geddy's Pretend Phone

Today, Geddy found our stud finder and mistook it for a phone. So, he proceeded to have an imaginary conversation on it.

Luckily, I caught it on camera.

He is my favorite.

Happy Wednesday!



Apartment Bones

Soooooo. I couldn't decide wether to post pictures yet of our new apartment. Mainly, because I am FAR from done decorating but I think it would be kind of neat to have some before and after shots. It was odd though, I had the HARDEST time taking pictures. The lighting and shapes of the rooms were unfamiliar to me so, I did my best!

**Please note that we have unpacked most of our things but our decorating is completely unfinished. I just wanted to share the layout a bit. 

Lets get started. First off, a look from the front door!

One of my biggest priorities while living in apartments has been to keep as much open space as possible. We could have had the couch framing a smaller space but it would cut the room in half and with a two year old and dog, you need SPACE! To the right of the first picture we have a small balcony and an outdoor storage closet. It's great!

Little Geddy in his jammies. These were taken in the morning! 
Geddy's TeePee in the living room. And of course, we have baseball on.
Next up! Our kitchen and dining room. This kitchen is smaller in walking space than our other kitchen but has more storage. I must say, I prefer it. I have less floor to sweep (huzzah!) AND we now have a pantry. I really love this kitchen. One downside is that the garbage disposal in our sink is not nearly as powerful as our old apartment. The one in our old apartment was crazy powerful and I loved it. So sometimes we get a smelly sink. Any remedies for that, peeps?

Our little dining room is one of my very FAVORITE things in our place. It has this beautiful natural light with built in shelves, a gorgeous blossoming tree outside the window, and it's just lovely. I am so excited and incredibly eager to get a kitchen table in there. You can see our yellow, metal, chairs that will go around our table (when we get one). Also, our dining room houses one of my favorite decorations: a gigantic antique American Flag. My Mother-in-Law is the coolest lady you will ever meet and she finds the neatest antique furniture and decorations (you should see her house, it's amazing). She gave us this flag for Christmas and we loved the retro-ness and the massive size. Pretty awesome.  

Our small and simple kitchen. EAT.
Directly across from the kitchen. 

Built in shelves. Not organized yet. 

Next up would be the guest bathroom on the left (I didn't get a picture of it. Oops!) and the first bedroom. This bedroom will eventually be another nursery (once we actually have another child) but for now it's become a bit of an office. I would like to put a bed in there as well just so we have an extra place for guests to sleep (although we RARELY have guests). It's a complete mess right now and the last room that needs unpacking. This is where Sunny the Lizard lives. She gets lots of natural light, which is nice. 

Still unpacking in here. 

 The second bedroom is Geddy's. It's the smallest of the 3 but it's nice because it's kinda tucked back so less noise gets to him. This room is the most decorated of them all because I REALLY wanted to get things put away for him, hoping that it would help him to adjust quickly. I stuck with the same color scheme and it's basically all the same furniture. It's been tricky decorating our walls because they are so much higher than our old apartment's. First world problems, am I right? I wouldn't say his room is done being decorated but it's made the most progress. 

Picture from his doorway.
Closet door and opposing walls. 
We put these G's above his door. 

The last room is our Master Bedroom. We love it. It's bigger than our other room (we can actually walk around our bed!) and we have a walk in closet (so Chad and I can be in the same closet now!) and it's own bathroom. I feel like a Queen! I must say that the private bathroom has been so nice. That way when we have friends over, they don't have to see my hair all over the counter or our dirty shower (sometimes bathrooms get dirty!). Again, we have awesome natural light and it's just great. 

Picture from our doorway.

I am so grateful to be in this space. It's really helped me refocus and become motivated. But the thing I love most about our new place is the cute family I get to share it with (cheesy). Seriously though, these people of mine are the best.

Happy Sunday!



We Moved!

You guys, we moved! We were originally scheduled to move tomorrow but last week, our Landlord for the new place said we could move in early (with no extra cost because he made some last minute changes) so we moved in on Saturday.

It was crazy. I truly loathe moving. Like, it's the worst. And, I mean, I love being in the new place but just getting there is the pits. Moving is hard on everybody. But it's the hardest for our poor lady pup, Bobbie. She is a nervous girl already and seeing everything change is very stressful for her. After everyone was going in and out of our old apartment and me taking her for walks to help her calm down, she finally crashed in the car. Usually when we drive in the car she is focused on the window and seeing everything outside but by the end of the day, when we were driving her to our new place (it was the first time she had been there), she just laid in her bed, in the front seat, and slept. She was completely worn out. But the new space is so good for. It is a little extra room and it's been a really positive change so far.

Bobbie, so exhausted after the move.

Luckily, we have the best friends and people in our lives. Chad's Dad and Brother were so willing to help and we had friends who even asked "when are we moving?" and "you can use my truck" just because they love us. And we made them work hard. Hahah, we have more stuff than we ever even realized and so them helping was so amazing and so kind. All of them deserve cookies because they were so generous with their time and helped us move for 4-5 hours. Thank you so much guys!

PLUS, my Mother-in-Law was willing to watch Geddy ALL day. And Geddy is not some chill kid who just sits still and colors or does puzzles. He is the kid who wants to feed the horse (Glamma's neighbor has a horse that we feed apples to) and play outside and get dirty and jump and run and just LIVE. She is so awesome and when we went to pick him up, he was happily jumping on the bed, singing songs, and wearing brand new moccasins. Thanks Glamma!

Seriously, we feel so blessed for the help. I can't say it enough. THANK YOU! As everything was going on, I started to tear up because I thought "there is no way I could have ever moved any of this on my own" and it made me realize how blessed we are. And to all of those who offered but we turned down, thank you as well (we thought we had less stuff and so we wouldn't need very many people, haha, we were fooled). We felt so supported and it made us feel the warm fuzzies inside.

AND Chad, thank you for getting our little family moved. He did so much packing and moving--it was nuts. You're the best Father and Spouse that I could ever hope for! That's one cool dude.

So currently, our new apartment is in COMPLETE disarray and I don't know where anything is. I haven't showered today and don't know if I will. BUT, I have set up our kitchen (it has a small pantry!) and our bathrooms and our beds. OH and the TV and couch. So, we have the basics covered. I will admit that I am loving organizing and finding new homes for our things. I hung up all our clothes in our closet, so Chad and I will be in the same closet now. So, we're making progress. Lot's of progress.

And today was a momentous day in particular. I was able to start my first load of laundry at our new place. We have gone 4 years without a washer and dryer (during that time we had a baby) and so starting it in the convenience of my own apartment was GLORIOUS. I feel very blessed and so grateful for that. I will never take it for granted.

A washer and dryer! YAY!

And that's where we are at. We will organizing and cleaning for the next several days and just breaking in our new place. Huzzah!

Happy Monday!




Hello all! Just dropping by to say hello. Geddy is taking a bath (does anyone else do bath time just for a break? I sure do!) and I am sitting on the bathroom floor and thought I would blog a little. And here is a little bit of our life lately.

Don't look at my filthy bathroom (we are moving soon! I'll clean it tomorrow!). Loved this pic.
And another...I am a crazy dog/mom lady.

Reading: I have been reading Yoga For Dummies lately and really like it. I have been practicing yoga for several weeks now and it's been such a wonderful experience. I've been impressed with how Yoga has blessed my life even as a complete amateur. My goal is to really learn about it not just do it is a work out. The book has been a great place to START. It is for dummies after all. I have also been reading the Hobbit at a snails pace. And it, of course, is amazing.

Watching: We recently found a crazy deal on the Blu Ray Harry Potter Box set so we snatched it up and started watching them (we had always talked about buying them). When we got it though, we thought there was a major typo because it said "Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone". We totally thought we got scammed but come to find out, that's what the book was called in Britain? At least that's what I read online. Anyway, they have been super fun to watch. It was a great reminder of how much I like the story. I will be honest. I read all of the books except the last one and the ones I did read, I only read once. So, I have always liked Harry Potter but haven't always been a "die hard" fan. After watching the movies though, I am inspired to reread them. Plus, I love Hermione Granger and the fact that she is an intelligent, strong, female, Character (get it girl!). So, I am humbled and admit that Harry Potter is amazing.

Thinking About: Moving. You guys are probably so sick of hearing us talk about stupid moving but it's totally on the brain. I am sorry. But, we are moving this Saturday instead of on Tuesday so that is exciting! I actually have the keys to our place. Wohoo! ALSO, babies! My sister is about to have her baby and my other Sister-in-Law is pregnant and I saw one of my close girlfriends last night who is having a baby super soon and my other close girlfriend who is newly pregnant (is that a term, "newly pregnant"?). And it's made me a tiny bit baby hungry. Got to admit it!

We went to the park on evening last week. It was after bath time but we had some time
to kill and Chad wanted to take Geddy to the park. So we did. It was a beautiful night.

Geddy loves these boots. Just boots and jammies. "New Boot Goofin'".

Eating: To be honest, I have been stress eating complete garbage the last week. I am excited to get all moved in and settled so I can get back on track. Dang those Eclairs at Kneaders!

Loving: Yoga. Like I said before, it's been something I have been working on (I am by no means good at it). I have also been loving bright lipstick (no shock) and My Birkenstocks. I wear them pretty much every day at least once. They are kind of replacing my grimy slippers (the slippers that Chad keeps telling me I need to get rid of because they gross him out, haha).

Because I know you guys care about my Birkenstocks. 

Happy Thursday!



Art City Donuts

We recently were able to get to the temple (which was amazing!) and then went to this yummy donut truck that we had heard people rave about. It's called Art City Donuts. Basically, it's fresh made donuts covered in a glaze, and delicious toppings.

Chad got the Boston Cream donuts and they were so good BUT crazy rich. I went with the Strawberry Short Cake donuts and they were nice because you need a little tanginess from the fruit to cut the intense sweetness and heaviness of the donuts.

Boston Cream Donuts
Strawberry Short Cake Donuts

Overall they were super tasty but it felt like I had a ball of dough in my stomach the rest of the night. They were quite heavy. In the future, I would probably just share the donuts with someone instead of getting my own.

Also, I think I would choose Waffle Love over the donuts. Apparently I have a big thing for waffles, who knew? Not to say I didn't enjoy the donuts but they were a bit too much for me. You'll have to give them a try and determine for yourselves!

Happy Wednesday!