Sometimes, it's tough.

That last 6 weeks have been brutal. I am still struggling with morning sickness. Last week it was at it's worst and then I had 2 days that were pretty darn good and then I was sick all yesterday and vomiting.

You win, fetus, you win.

Amongst the nausea I have also had an overwhelming thought of:

"what are you doing?! you can't manage another baby!!!!"

I know, I am a big pansy but having another new born is really scary. The business of newborns are the scariest stage for me. It's such a challenge. I wish I was one of those women who bounced back and handled the lack of sleep with such grace but I will be first to admit that I am just not that lady. It's brutally hard for me (and I am sure other women relate).

But I had a moment today as I was wrestling Geddy down for "naptime" (aka quiet time that only lasts about 20 minutes). I had finally persuaded him to come sit on my lap instead of kicking the door screaming (naptime is fun at our house). I was singing him the usual primary songs and he sang along with me. He has been doing that quite a bit lately. He sings loud and almost completely monotone but it's just so sweet.

And it was a tender mercy. It was a moment in life when things aren't super easy but I thought to myself:

"at least we have that going for us!"

Geddy had heard these primary songs enough times that he could sing along with them. And he and I could feel peace about everything.

Sometimes, I feel like I am super unprepared for what life throws our way. But this quote settled my nerves nicely. We're all just figuring this whole life out, right?

Happy Wednesday!



It's October!

I have written it a million times but I LOVE FALL! I will shout it from the roof tops. There is something seriously magical about the cooler weather and the thought of Halloween and baked goodies and gaining winter weight (haha).

Am I the only one who feels this way?

It's funny because I myself don't even trick or treat anymore (being WAY over the age of appropriateness) but Halloween really brings back memories of being young and eating loads of candy and watching Halloween movies. It's such a wonderful time of the year.

And Halloween kids books! Danielle from Sometimes Sweet has Holiday books for specific seasons that she showcases during the specific Holiday. I absolutely LOVE the idea but realized I don't have any Holiday specific books. But wouldn't it be super fun to start collecting them and then making them part of your Holiday Decor? Like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. OH MY. I am loving it.

From Danielle's Instagram. So cute!

And do you remember book fairs in Elementary School?! Holy crap, those were the best. I think they happen this time of year as well. I remember I would collect the little plastic book marks (the ones with the little tab at the top so you could hook it to the page you were on), I had like 16 of them and thought I was so cool. Did you know that if I could have any job in the world, it would be an Elementary School Librarian. It would be so awesome.

I wanted all the bookmarks. 

Where am I actually going with this post? I have no idea really. I just love Fall and I needed to express it.

So yeah, I am super pumped it's October. It's a wonderful time of the year. I want to eat a bowl of candy and read a book because that just seems fitting.

So tell me, what are some of your favorite kids Halloween books? One of mine was The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches. We had that book growing up and I loved it. Tell me what other ones are good.

And let's talk about the last minute Halloween Costumes Geddy has had. I throw the costumes together the morning of. I have actually been pleasantly surprised with the outcome! It'll be interesting to see what happens this year, I have an idea of what to do but we'll see how it turns out. 

Geddy's first Halloween as an Old Man. 
Last year as a Lumberjack. 

Lastly, Geddy was invited to go to one of his Best Friend's (Winston) Birthday celebration. We went to the Heber Creeper and got to ride the old train. Geddy absolutely LOVED it. He loved being with his friends and getting to ride a train was a huge deal. They also had violinists or fiddlists (I don't really know which or if it's they're the same) and he was obsessed. He couldn't get enough of the music. It was a super fun night indeed. Plus we got to eat cupcakes on the train!

With Daddy in front of the train. 
Riding the train and loving it!

So we love Fall and that's all I wanted to say.

Happy Wednesday!



A Funny Memory

I wanted to be sure to write down this little experience that Chad and I had a few months ago because it was too funny. 

When we moved into our new apartment and got settled in, we notice a few little items had vanished. Particularly my tongue scraper (I am a HUGE tongue scraping fan, I swear it keeps my breath fresh!) and Chad's comb (his fancy handmade comb). 

We searched high and low for both items. After a while, we gave up and repurchased them both. 

The Air Conditioning Thingy

Then, for some reason, we needed to open up the air conditioning box "thingy" and lo and behold, there was my tongue scraper and Chad's comb, as well as a marker and part of a toy. We were laughing uncontrollably because Geddy had somehow shoved both of them in there. We have no idea how. 


He keeps our life interesting, that's for sure. 

Happy Tuesday!



A Most Romantic Gesture

So, I probably don't seem like it but I am an incredibly private person. Sure, I talk about constipation or anxiety problems but I keep things pretty close to the vest. One of those things in particular is my relationship with Chad. 

It is such a sacred thing to me. He is the most important person in my life and I hold our relationship as one of the most important things in my life. And I don't often express romantic feelings or situations about us on the blog because it's just not something that I talk about publicly much. It's too special, really. And I get so shy about that stuff. 

I think that I show the great friendship that we have more than anything. And to be honest, it's the best friendship I have EVER had in my entire life. The guy is my best friend. Through and through. But we actually do love and care for each other in a romantic way. Believe it or not, hahaha. 

But for once, I want to share a really mushy post because Chad put together something really special for me and I never want to forget it. Don't worry, it's not a TMI situation but was romantic. 

While we were in Bear Lake, Chad told me he had a surprise for me. I was really excited to find out what it was because I had NO clue. I did know that he had asked his Mom to help with something and so, I was shy and nervous (as I often get when put in the center of situations). 

I could tell he was nervous about the whole thing. Because every time I brought it up he would get kinda twitchy and he kept saying he wanted everything to be perfect. Now, keep in mind that during this time I was so sick with the cold from Satan and it had been raining for several days while we were up there. 

But, finally the evening arrived where he felt the timing and lighting and a break from the rain, would be perfect. So, we packed up, just he and I, and went for a drive (too many commas in that sentence, I am sure). 

Chad took to me to a grassy field, far away from any people that he had scoped out earlier in the week. It was perfectly overcast (Chad and I love rainy weather, we always say that it's cloudy because God loves us). He asked me to wait by the car really quick while he went and set something up, so I waited. 

When he came back and got me, I walk up to see this perfect little picnic set up. His Mom, with her amazing taste, had helped him find the most adorable picnic gear including a real wool blanket, basket, plates, flowers and more. We had sparkling cider and fancy cheese with crackers. It was all so adorable and breathtaking against the green hills behind it. 

I was blown away. It was SO sweet and perfectly romantic for he and I. Like I said before, we like privacy and this little picnic away from everything was just perfect. I noticed that he brought a book as well (which was no surprise). So we sat down and he said "I'll start to get the drinks ready, will you open the book, I have marked the section I want us to read". 

So I grabbed the book (it was The Fellowship of the Ring, he knows the way to my heart) and opened it to the passage that he had marked with a ribbon (it was the passage about speaking "friend" at the Gates of Moria, because we are such good friends. Have I ever mentioned what nerds we are?). 

There, tied at the end of the ribbon, was a ring. 

Now, to provide a slight background, about 4 years ago, I had lost my diamond wedding band. I was at work and I dropped it on the ground and it VANISHED, never to be seen again. I was moving furniture and searching high and low but was completely gone. It was truly sad and heart wrenching because it was from the man I loved. I felt so terrible about it. As years went by, I was equally as sad. It wasn't a super flashy ring, just a thin band with tiny little diamonds on half the band but it was super special to me. 

Back to the romantic evening: tied to the end of the ribbon was the exact same ring that I lost 4 years prior. It wasn't MY old ring but Chad had replaced it with a new one. And it's perfectly identical and exactly what I wanted. My heart leapt. I couldn't believe he had replaced something so special that had once been lost. It was the perfect size and the perfect fit. I immediately remembered how it felt on my finger. It's like memorizing a song on the piano and your fingers can remember it after so many years. It was the same feeling. Completely recognizable and familiar. 

Here is the new diamond wedding band with my original engagement band. 
Don't mind my old undipped engagement band. That's just the way I like it. 

After I saw the ring my eyes started to water and I was speechless. I just remember saying "oh my gosh, my ring!" and "Chad, thank you, you're amazing" over and over again. So, he put the ring on my finger and said some amazingly sweet things and we both cried. Prior to any of this, we had many conversations about if we would marry each other again. Chad and I have had some crazy things happen during our marriage. Usually outside sources of chaos but it came with hard times in life. But we always said we would totally get married again, if he were to ask me again today. And that was what he asked "would you marry me again?" and I obviously said "Yes! A million times over".

And then we made out and ate cheese and drank sparkling cider. It was so romantic, with my best friend. Afterward I was like "crap, I really have to step up my surprises for Chad. Nothing compares to this!" haha.

Us on our romantic date. Please keep in mind I had been sick all week. 

 After we sat and talked for a while at how blessed we were and talked about our babies and babies to come (cuz we just BARELY found out we were pregnant) it started to get a little chilly so we headed out...

...and went to La Beau's cuz girlfriend needed a corndog and onion rings to celebrate. Hahahahaha!

There you have it. That was our most romantic evening, all thanks to my husband. Chad, I truly can't thank you enough for this evening. It was such a kind gesture and it really meant the world to me. I will never, ever, forget it.

Happy Monday!



Bear Lake 2014

It's tradition for the de Lisles to go to Bear Lake as a family each year. And it's always during Chad's Birthday, which he loves.

I was feeling nervous because it's really hard for me to travel with a child/baby. I am just not very good at it. I WISH so badly that I was better. I am just too anxious of a person and it's hard when I am not in my own home and have the same routine. Yes, I am basically an old woman who doesn't like change. But I also know that it's SO important to get out of our comfort zone so I threw it out to the Universe that this would be our year!

The day before we left, Geddy started to get a nasty cold. It made me a little nervous but I thought that it would all be okay and will pass (again, throwing out positive vibes to the universe). So, the next morning we headed out. Geddy was still pretty dang sick but we gave him some wonderful meds and he was quite a champ the entire time.

Now, the second day we were there, I started to get a sore throat and my nose was bothering me. I thought "uh oh, I caught Geddy's cold". I always catch his colds, if he gets sick, I am soon to follow.

This cold hit me SO hard. I had a fever, couldn't sleep, coughing, burning nasals. I was dying. This was also during the time where we were wondering if we could be pregnant. It was the "period time" or "missed period time" so I was trying to be smart about medications.

Funny Side Story: I took 2 pregnancy tests while I was there and they were the most suspicious things ever. They had the most faint and blurry second line on them. Like it was thinking about being pregnant but couldn't decide. Me and Chad were both baffled so we waited another 2 days and bought another test where we got firm and confident "Pregnant" lines on the test. Can we also talk about how mad Chad gets when I am trying to find out if I am pregnant? I have a bad habit of taking tons of pregnancy tests and he hates it because they are so expensive! His thought process is "if you're pregnant, we'll know at when you miss your period then take a test" but my thought process is "let's take a test a little early cuz it's fun". My method doesn't work super well. Poor Chad. Hahah.

Finally got a real positive result!

 So...we found out we were pregnant and I was super sick for several days. I had to get a blessing from Chad and Jordy. (I took nyquil because I was so desperate, I know, bad Mom).

Then after I started feeling better from the cold, I started to feel really uncomfortable and got a UTI.  It was miserable. I have never had one in my entire life and do you know how hard it is to find any medicine or even 100% Cranberry Juice in a little town by where we were staying? Impossible. Luckily, Glamma was in Logan and picked me up some meds which provided some relief.

I was really struggling during this time. I felt so bad because I was such a bummer to be around and would lay in bed most the time. Everyone else had to watch Geddy and poor Chad...I was such a party pooper.

Buuuuut, some positives from the trip was:

Geddy LOVED the water this year!!!! He loved the boat and we found an amazing beach where he got to play. It was awesome. Plus he got to spend tons of time with Glamma and Diana, which was great.

At the beach, this boy was in HEAVEN. 
Even though the water was super cold, he wouldn't get out of the water! 
Smiling on the boat! Even with his life jacket on!
Swimmin' with Daddy and Uncle Jordy
Drivin' the boat! 

We had friends come up for the weekend of Chad's Birthday! It was awesome. We got to play DND with them and Chad got to play Video Games with them. With how big of a bummer I was during the trip, I was glad our friends could come and bring some fun for him.

Here we all are wearing mustaches for Chad's Birthday Party!

Plus, Chad got to do really big runs with his Brother, Jordy. Yes, they think it's fun to go on these long runs that include intense hills. I am more of a "hey, let's watch an entire TV Season and eat donuts in one night" kinda girl but to each their own.

Here they had just finished a crazy run in a rain storm. It was pouring rain for several days during the trip and they got stuck in one of them. Yikes!

Post rainstorm run. 

At the end of this trip, I couldn't help but apologize profusely to the family for how crummy I was. I just didn't feel well and it was hard not to show it. As always, I was blown away by the de Lisle family's generosity and understanding. I am grateful to be able to share my life with such amazing family (and friends that are equally family). 

Happy Friday!



The Big News

Hi guys! Long time no blog, eh? Well, I am back to say hello and to document the big news.

We are pregnant! Our baby #2 is due April 2015. This is how Geddy feels about it:

So, he was a little indifferent about the matter but Chad and I are super excited.

Now, I am about to get all sorts of "real" here. Some pregnancy details that you may not want to hear about. So you have been warned.

I will say this though, I have been SOOOOOO ill. I was not at all like this with Geddy. I throw up all the time which is WEIRD for me because I have probably thrown up maybe 5 times in my ENTIRE life. I just don't vomit so this has been horrifying.

Can we also talk about the fact that every time I throw up, I pee my pants? Like full on, change my undies, pee. TMI? Definitely but this is real life folks.

I have also had like 2 UTIs which I have NEVER had before in my entire life. That's the worst.

I also want to sleep for like 12 hours a day.

And constipation. That is a real life thing everyone. Have you ever had to drink 100% Prune Juice just to give it a "nudge", as Chad likes to say. It's terrible. I have to plug my nose and drink it as fast as I can.

I have tried taking 2 different medications for the vomiting and nausea and they don't seem to help much at all. What is wrong with me?

Now, many of you must be thinking "how could she complain about such a wonderful gift?".

And I get that question. And I am so thrilled to be pregnant, I really want to be. But I will also confess that this has been really hard for me. And the amount of guilt I feel about not being fun or alert for Geddy is tremendous. The poor boy just wants to play and wrestle and has such vitality for life but right now, I can't match that energy.

Amazingly, he has incredible Grandparents on both sides and awesome friends who demand to help (and I mean that in a good way). Plus, a Sister in Iowa whole allows me to tell her all my woes and she is supportive and makes me laugh and overall feel better. Bless all of them.

Lastly, there is Chad. The guy is working full time and started class again this month and he has had to clean and play with Geddy and cook dinner while I lay moaning on the couch. He has been stalwart and loyal and the best companion or partner that I could have ever asked for. You're a good man, Chad de Lisle.

So yes, we feel so incredibly blessed for this wonderful gift to come into our lives. But it has been a time of growth for me. And I am not out of the sick "woods" yet but I am hanging on for dear life.

Happy Thursday!



Toddler Bed and Room Tour (Picture Overload)

I have been flirting with the idea of transitioning Geddy to a toddler bed for a while now. And to be perfectly honest, there was no real reason to other than I thought it sounded exciting. Ohhhh silly Hilary, little did you know, that a toddler bed would mean giving up naptime.

So, yes, we officially made the change just last week. To be honest, it's gone smoother than I thought it would. I have heard so many horror stories about screaming children being dragged back to their beds because they can now escape the grips of their big kid beds. 

That actually hasn't been our experience. Quite the contrary. 

Geddy took to the bed right off the bat. At night, he stays in his bed and room with out a problem. I think it's because it's dark and he is tired because he refuses to nap (I'll get to that in a second). Truly, at night, it's been a delight. And in the mornings, he doesn't even leave his room. He just gets up and turns on his light and plays with toys for about 15 or 20 minutes and then yells for me to come get him at about 7:30 or 8. You guys, it's pretty great. I hope that continues. 

Now, naptime, is a different story. 

We have yet to have a successful nap in the toddler bed. I do our normal routine and put him down and then I leave the room and he jumps up and turns on his light and plays with toys in his room for about an hour. I have tried going back in and putting him back in the bed like everyone advises but it just hasn't stuck yet. So, I am considering embracing "Quiet Time" and letting him just do his own thing. That way I have time by myself and then he sleeps like a rock at night. He seems to get a little cranky at about 4 or 5 but not too "melt down"-esq. And he is clocking in 12 hours at night. 

What about you parents out there. Do you do quiet time at this age (2 1/2 years old)? Is that super silly? And how do you encourage quiet time to last long enough to fulfill my own personal needs? I would love to hear thoughts and advice!

SOOOO, I feel like I have finally finished Geddy's room decor and have been really happy with it. Although Geddy's room is the smallest in our apartment, it's so charming and gets the most amazing natural light ALL DAY. I seriously love it and so does he. He also has a walk in close which he loves because we left a lot of room in there so he can play in the dark when he wants to (he really loves playing in the dark. It's odd). 

Here is an over extensive room tour for you all. Seriously, there are over 20 pictures, I really over did it but I do want to remember how he lived when he was little. It makes my heart happy. Enjoy!

View from the Door. 
If you turn around after entering, you see this! This is Geddy's Bedroom Door
(from inside his room).
Right by his light switch.
And one of my favorite things: the three G's above his door. 
After you walk in, if you look to the right, you will find Geddy's new toddler bed! Thanks Glamma! The bedding is from Target, FYI.

His new big boy bed and bedding!
I love the little trikes on his bedding. 
And we can't forget about his stuffed Schnauzer. Looks just like our lady pup!
Art work above his bed.

We have to keep a large space between his bed and the artwork so he doesn't try and pull down pictures and things. He totally would if he could.

I have been obsessed with decorative arrows for the longest time but haven't been able to find any that I was really in love with. I found this tutorial on how to make your own so I did my crafting for the entire year (me and crafting struggle). It took me about 3 hours but I made these two specifically for my little golden boy. I am actually super happy with how they turned out. But, I warn you, those feathers were a pain in the behind to get on. I said a few swear words in my head. Just sayin'.

I made these little arrows,  just for him. 
Bought this little print for his room. Find it here.
The other picture hanging on the wall. 

Between his bed and this bookshelf is the big window that let's in the glorious natural light.

On the opposite wall (from the bed) is his book shelf.
Ignore the crazy dust on the middle shelf. Yikes.
Gotta have a Star Wars shelf. 
Overflow of books and puzzles.

To the left of the bookshelf is Geddy's closet door. When my Mom saw our apartment for the first time she said "I don't know any two year olds with a walk in closet!" It's funny because this room is so tiny but it still has a spacious closet. I think it actually helps because Geddy really enjoys playing in it. It's like a built in fort where he can play in the dark. It works for us!

Closet door. Opposite wall as the bed.  
Chad's little kid shoes hanging on the closet door. So cute. 
Decor on the other side of the closet.
Inside of closet. His dresser remarkably fits wedged in there. It was tight but perfect. 
Opposite side of the closet. Some of his clothes hanging.
Fun push light for Geddy to reach and turn on and off. 
Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the closet! Perfect for fort playing! 

And the last wall of the room is his book wall and toy chest wall. The toy chest is an amazing find from my Mother-in-Law. It's exactly what I wanted but I have no idea where she got it. I think she has had it for several years but I am not sure. Thanks Glamma, we love it!

The small book shelves are from Ikea (found here). They are amazing and super cheap!

Coming full circle to the last wall. The book shelves and toy chest!
Pardon the crazy glare from the books. 

And THAT, my friends, is our Little Dude's big boy room.

Happy Wednesday!