Forts for Days

We have been SO ILL. Oh my goodness. Chad caught an AWFUL cold last week that included fevers and a terrible sore throat. It was awful you guys. I think he caught it from Geddy but it was brutal. Then I caught it this week and thought I would surely perish. I had 2 fevers, 2 nights in a row of 102 degrees. Is that high? It seemed high. And it felt terrible.

I honestly feel like our family has been sick since Scout was born. Seriously, at least one of us has been battling a cough or cold for 2 months now. I am trying my best! I am hoping and, literally, praying that this will stop and that we can just get HEALTHY.

Anywho. I just wanted to say I am not dead. And I wanted to post some awesome pictures of my wonderful Spouse and Little Dude.

I didn't have a chance to blog on Father's day because I think one of us was super sick (haha- it's not that funny) so this can qualify as a post celebrating Chad's greatness.

Chad, you are truly the best Father (and husband) that I have ever seen. Our children will live blessed lives because you are their Dad. The best part of it is that you genuinely love being a Dad. We are the luckiest!

Also, my Dad is incredible too! We love you Dad! And Warren too! We love you Warren! (We did contact these awesome Father's on their special day, BTW. We aren't heartless).

So, sometime during our sick Haze, Chad mustered up some Magic energy and built a fort with Geddy. Now, I was thinking it would be like a cushion or two with some blankets but was amazed when I walked in his room. It was awesome! After they were done building it, they hid under it and ate fruit snacks and giggled. My heart exploded (not from illness this time but from love).

From the doorway.
Love these boys and lady pup!

And there you have it. Everyone pray that we can get healthy!

Happy Thursday!



Scout Ivy: 1 Month Old

Little Sis is officially 4 weeks olds. Crazy, yes? An ENTIRE month? It's crazy how much happens in that amount of time. 

And how horrible is it that I didn't pull out my nice camera to take her picture until now? I know, that's awful. We have just been using our phones to take a TON of pictures but the nice camera looks so much better. So here is our lady. 

Quilt from Grandma Olson and Doll from Grandma Glenna!
I made the little felt bow headband. 

So, where do we begin? Well, we went to the Doctor for her 2 week appointment and she is 80% for weight and height and 95% for head. Yes, this baby has a monster head. Super cute but large. And keep in mind I had to push that head out of my body for THREE HOURS. Never you forget what Mama did for you Scout! Just kdding, it was so worth it.

On the day Scout came home, we noticed Geddy had a nasty cough and runny nose. Of course we were horrified and did all we could to make it so Scout wouldn't catch it but sadly, I caught the cold and then she did too. But her's was not nearly as severe, just some nasty congestion that was easily resolved with a lot of saline. It was nice because right as she was catching it, we had her Doctor's appointment so they took her temp and gave us instructions of what to do and look out for. Luckily, it never progressed to any kind of fever or even a cough, what a relief!

Sneezing! Blurry but so cute!

Personality: Scout is the SWEETEST baby. She loves to cuddle and be held. In fact, as long as she is fed and has a clean diaper, she will happily sleep in your arms. She is calm and it takes a lot for her to really get screaming (like her car seat). But she is pretty easy to satisfy. I will say she has gotten a bit more fussy at night (like many newborns) and from what I understand, that peeks at about 6-8 weeks. But honestly, she is a really good baby. She is very calm and easy to keep happy. Scout definitely has a sweet spirit. I can feel it.

She definitely doesn't like to be put down. Therefore, I wear the blessed Solly Wrap a lot. We fought it a lot at night though, like for sleeping. For several days I exhausted myself desperately trying to get her to sleep in her crib which meant me getting up every ten minutes trying to get her back to sleep because she would only sleep for a moment. Finally, out of desperation, I brought her in our bed (gasp, the horror!). And you know what? She (and I) slept for 4 hours straight. Now, I have been against co-sleeping from the start. Geddy has never slept in our bed, not even once so bringing her in was an act of desperation. Luckily, we have a really big bed (King size) and she is placed in a section all her own (so no one can roll over her). I take many precautions because I absolutely do not want her to die, of course. But I have been able to function so much better because she sleeps much better. She has even slept for 6 hour stretches a few times. BUT, I will say that I don't want this to last long. I want her in her crib in a short amount of time but I am giving myself some time to adapt.

Hates: She hates being swaddled. But she sleeps better when swaddled. There is a moment each time she is put down for bed where she straight up rages trying to get her arms out and then I give her a pacifier and rock her a bit and she immediately falls asleep. She hates getting her nose suctioned out and getting her fingernails cut. She also hates tummy time and will be so mad and then fall asleep. The hiccups! Oh, we hate the hiccups so much. And she gets them ALL the time.

Loves: Nursing. She loves to eat and is pretty good at it. Cuddling. Again, she wants to be held all the time. And she loves to sleep on your chest most. She loves when Daddy washes her hair and gives her a bath. Especially when she is all cozied up in her towel afterward and she goes to her "zen" place. It's cute, Daddy definitely has the magic touch!

Fun fact, Scout has a super strong neck and back. The moment she was born, the Doctor commented on how strong she was. She holds up that giant noggin' real well and has from birth. Also, she wiggles and kicks her feet in the cutest way when she is passing gas or trying to poop. Truly, it's adorable. And when she is really mad or frustrated she kicks her feet like crazy. Almost as if she is stomping. 

Scout is also, what I would call, a lazy nurser. Especially that first week home. She will nurse for just a moment and be dead asleep. Oye! We've got work to do, wake up! But it's also adorable. Babies are just cute, especially when they are your own. And on a side note, I have been craving hamburgers like it's NOBODY'S business. As a general rule, I am not a ground beef person (I am really not a fan) so I will always get like a chicken sandwich when everyone else is getting burgers but since Scout was born, all I want are burgers. Particularly JCW and In N' Out (which I previously did not like their burger but now I devour them). I figure it's from all the blood loss? Or maybe it's a nursing thing? Who knows. 

We have noticed that she has strawberry blonde-ish hair. You can kinda tell in the picture below. We don't really know where it came from and it will be interesting to see where it goes. 

On Having a Second Child: Holy cow it is different. In many ways, it's easier. But in some ways, it's harder. Now, I must preface this by explaining that Geddy and Scout have been incredibly DIFFERENT babies. I remember a really hard time when Geddy was just a few weeks old and Chad had to go to bed because he had work in the morning and I was up with our screaming newborn. I was trying everything and finally found ourselves (me and the baby) sitting in the bathroom with the tub faucet running because Geddy kinda liked the sound of water. I was trying everything and just feeling so overwhelmed from this screaming baby. It was such a lonely feeling. That was one of the hardest moments about becoming a Mom. But because he was my first, I didn't know anything different so I just figured that most babies were like that. He was harder to console and satisfy, we would be frantically eating dinner while he just cried and cried because it was his fussy time. The first several weeks were brutally hard. That's the honest truth.

Now, I want to state that he was not a "bad baby" and she is a "good baby". No way, they are both perfectly amazing babies but they were just very different. And one of them was more challenging. But I never want to convey that either were at fault. So, when Scout came and is so pleasant and easy to keep happy, I was shocked. I told my Mother-in-Law that I feel like I can have more children this time around where it took me much longer to feel that way with our first. (Take note: it will still be several years before I have another though, don't get your hopes up!)

And I don't know that she will always be this way but so far, she seems very content. I hope it continues that way.

I will ALSO say that a big part of things being easier is that I have done it before. Oh my goodness, experience is a blessed thing. I don't panic nearly as often and I feel much more confident in how to help my child and what she needs. It actually makes me feel bad for poor Geddy because I had no idea what I was doing. Especially when it comes to nursing. Experience is everything when it comes to parenting. I didn't realize how much I had learned with my first AND how much it would help with my second. I also feel more laid back, which is big for me as I can get very anxious quickly.

Now, it is also harder because you've just added a very needy family member to your clan. So now you have to juggle two children with very different needs. And we are far from perfecting this. But, we're still standing. And we're still trying our best and that's what counts.

And that my friend, is our beautiful baby girl and our experience so far.

Happy Sunday!



Coming Home

We aren't dead! We are alive and well. I have been meaning to write this post for WEEKS but it just kept getting away from me. But I am here now so lets get started.


And although this post was suppose to cover the first week home, it has now turned into the first month. Ha!

When Geddy came to meet Scout at the hospital the day she was born, we had a little gift for him to open. It was just a set of cool guys and monsters, which he really likes. Although he was excited, he explained that he really wanted the Dragon that was pictured on the back of the toys' box. Funny Boy. He came in the room with Grandma Glenna and was really calm and sweet (I think Grandma had explained that he needed to be calm which was so good). And he went over and said things like "Baby Sister" and "Baby Scout" in a soft, sweet, voice. He did a really good job. 

Our last day at the hospital, waiting for Dad to pick us up!

And many have asked how Geddy has been with the new baby. He has truly loved her, smothering her with kisses and love and pretending to tickle her and getting so close to her face and just laughing. He really really likes her. He has, however been pretty mad with Mom and Dad. He has taken any frustration to the change out on his parents. And ultimately, I have been glad that it's been that way and not towards the baby but one of the HARDEST parts of the first 3 weeks was the strain on my and Geddy's relationship. I didn't expect that but it was really emotionally hard. I felt Mother's guilt CONSTANTLY. I was so sad for my little dude. It was probably harder on me than him but it was definitely a challenge. And it has been a hard challenge up to about this week. Things are now starting to settle a bit and Geddy seems to be adapting. It's not perfect but it has felt better. 

Geddy picked out the flowers for me and Scout. 

On the day to come home, Chad came to pick me and Scout up from the hospital with Geddy and some flowers that they picked out for us. It was so cute. It totally made my heart explode. I love my boys so much and I was really happy to see them. It was amazing to see us now as a family of 4. 

Ready to come home!

We do have an issue with the car. Scout, much like her brother, hates her car seat unless she is asleep. And Geddy doesn't like it when Scout cries, it makes him really nervous for her and anxious and even, I'd say, panicky. So when Scout screams in the car for a minute, Geddy's energy elevates and he yells and screams and uses his monster voice telling Scout to "stop crying" or "Mom get the baby!". It's a stressful situation and it happens often so I have been working on staying calm myself and teaching Geddy to stay calm too. It's a work in progress :)

The first day home!

Once we got home, the chaos began! Haha, there was a moment where the dog was barking and the baby was crying and Geddy was panicking because of the baby crying and me and Chad looked at each other with big eyes and said "we are really doing this".  The shell shock was pretty significant and stressful at times. New babies really turn your world upside down, regardless of how prepared you are. I can't tell you how grateful I was for Chad while he stayed home with us. I literally could NOT do it without him. He basically took care of Geddy by himself and did an amazing job taboot. He also let me sleep a bunch in between feedings. Our parent's also came to the rescue so many times. Bringing us countless meals and taking Geddy for sleepovers or for the day so that he could have some fun. My goodness, we couldn't' have done it without THEM. 

Geddy with Scout's "Birth Day" cake. 

Geddy loves Birthdays. He loves the candles on the cake and the singing. It's a special time for him regardless of whose Birthday it actually is. Chad had a great idea of pulling out some extra cake we had in the freezer and doing a "Birth Day" celebration for Scout. We knew that would be special for Geddy so we put candles in the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Scout and Geddy blew out the candles. He loved it. Our goal was to do everything we could to make Geddy love Scout being around. 

After her first night home she slept ALLLLL day.

So let's talk about sleeping. That first night home was ROUGH. I think I got like 2 hours of sleep. My milk STILL hadn't come in and she was acting pretty dang hungry so we were doing some formula while also nursing. And this girl does NOT like to sleep alone. She also had her fussy time from like 2-6am where she was awake and sleeping in and out but wouldn't let me put her down. I remember Geddy did the same thing at first, it's SO hard but she quickly got out of that. It was also difficult because Geddy's room is right next to the nursery so he would have a hard time when she would wake up in the night. He would yell at us to "get the baby!" because he was worried about her in the wee hours of the morning. But he has started to sleep through it now. So that was hard but I soon fell into a pretty decent routine and now at 1 month, I am getting a LITTLE more sleep. Nothing great but more. I will discuss more on this in my next post.

More pictures of her sleeping...

Nursing. I was SO nervous about nursing. With Geddy, I had flat nipples so I had to use a nipple shield. And although I tried multiple times to wean him off it, it was too stressful and I just didn't have the gusto to change it so we used a nipple shield for a full 10 1/2 months (Geddy weaned himself at that point). But I am SO grateful to announce that we are having much better success this time around. Scout has been a good latcher from the get go. She had a really strong suck as well and so we have had quite a bit of success. When we went to her 2 week appointment, she had gained back her birth weight and then some (she was at 8lbs 15oz at her 2 week appt, she gained an extra 2oz!). That was a major relief. When my milk first came in, I was SO engorged because I was producing WAY more than she needed (I had been consistently pumping to get my supply up) and I have a pretty zealous let down so we really had to adapt to the forceful flow of milk. Poor girl was basically drinking from a fire hose (being blasted away!), we still sometimes have issues with it. But I am so grateful to have so much milk to feed my baby! It is an awesome blessing. And all without a nipple shield! Huzzah!

...and more sleeping...

Recovery! As I explained in Scout's Birth Story, we were able to have a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) which I really wanted. It was a major blessing but I knew the recovery would be different. I must say it was WAY easier. I hope the rest of my deliveries are vaginal because it's a lot better. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts like hell sometimes but it's much quicker and you're more mobile sooner. I also feel like my stomach and uterus deflated faster. I feel like a vaginal recovery makes it easier to be a Mom to a new baby. With that said, I am incredibly grateful for my C-section because it saved my son's life. More on that point of view later (I plan to write a post about how I feel about both delivering methods, we'll see if that happens). And lastly, Adult Diapers? They are a God send. Just embrace them. 

Geddy building Lego Robots with Mama!
Lookin' for bugs at the park.
Found a Lady Bug.
Making Butterflies with Mama!

One of the reasons why this last week has gone better with Geddy was because I have dedicated Mama time with him each day (and I have felt more comfortable going out for VERY short outings with both the babies). Geddy is such a GOER. He needs stimulation and interaction and so getting down on his level at least once a day with him is so crucial. So, I will wrap Scout in the Solly Wrap after I have fed her and then I take 30 minutes to just play with Geddy. Scout usually just falls asleep during that time so it allows me to really focus on my little dude. We usually just play with toys but we did a craft where we made Butterflies out of empty toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Geddy loved it. Are there any other crafts that your toddlers have loved? I would love some good ideas! 

Also, this last week, I went out of the house with both children as well which was a MIRACLE. When Geddy was a newborn, I would have never imagined going out with him this soon. He was a very different baby and I was so out of my comfort zone. Now, I can't say that I am completely comfortable and the outings are maybe 30-45 minutes longs (not including driving time) but the need is really there. Our day (aka, mine and Geddy's relationship) is so much better if we get out. We have gone to the park a few times, then on another day we went to get Geddy's haircut. Just simple things.  I couldn't do any of it without the Solly wrap though. It has saved me because I use it each day and every time I go out (it's nice because I feel like she is more protected wrapped to me from germs and stuff. That may seem silly but it does help me feel better about it). Baby wearing for the win! 

Now, let me be clear, even though it may sound like I am a super awesome Mom who does activities and goes out every day and has it all together, let me tell you what is not pictured above. The countless hours we have spent watching TV/movies during this transition. A whole lot. 

Baby wearing at the park!

And there you have it. That kind of covers our first Month of Scout's life. Overall, we are doing good. My anxiety has been pretty stable (although it gets worse when I don't get quite enough sleep, which happens more at the end of the week. Luckily, Chad is stellar and lets me nap when he gets home from work). My recovery is still going really well (at least to my knowledge). We are all adapting, it's still really hard at times but it's getting easier. Mostly, we just feel really blessed to have these two beautiful children. 

Oh and for those who ask, Bobbie has done amazingly with the new baby. She honestly prefers young babies over scary toddlers. She has had NO problem with her at all. I would even say she likes the baby. And she likes that we have been home so much, haha. 

I will be posting all about Scout here in the next little while. I'll go a little more detail about how she is different and how having a second child compares to having a first. So stay tuned for that. 

Happy Friday!



Scout's Birth Story

So, I totally though that Scout was going to come early. I don't know why but I really felt she would come at like 38 weeks. Geddy came on his due date and she just felt like she was further along to me so when my due date came and went, I was pretty surprised.

I met with my Doctors each week at the end. My blood pressure looked awesome this time around (it was a little high with Geddy) and I wasn't feeling any contractions or anything so I just continued being pregnant. Some of the Doctors kept pointing out that if I were doing a C-Section I could schedule a due date and get this over with but over all, they were respectful of my desire to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a c-section). Her heart beat was still super strong and I was still feeling her move so they gave me the go ahead to keep waiting if I wanted.

40 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant

So we continued to wait. And wait. And wait. AND WAIT. I was still not really dilated, maybe like 1 1/2 cm and she was still carrying really high so we were entirely unsure of what was going to happen. So I was given the option of what I wanted to do. After discussing it with Chad, I came to the conclusion that I would be "induced" at 41 weeks and if I was not successful with the induction (meaning I don't dilate or there were any other complications) I would go through with a C-Section. My Doctor felt good about that so we planned to be induced on Monday, May 4th.

On Sunday night, we got a call from the hospital (like we were told we would) and they explained that we were "on call" for the next day. I thought that was totally bogus. On call? What the? So basically, they would call us about an hour before they needed me to arrive. That could be at any point. They couldn't guarantee anything, not even that I would get in on that day, which was so frustrating, by the way. This pregnancy seemed to consist of a lot of "wait and see" moments and we were all just so ready to meet her.

After we anxiously waited for our call, we got last minute things ready. It was nice to be able to plan ahead, I will say that. We got Geddy over to my Mom's house and packed his overnight bag for when he would be staying at Chad's Mom's house that evening (the Grandparents were SO amazing through all this). Finally, we got our call. It was 4:00 in the afternoon and we were told we needed to be there at 4:30. I got all jittery and nervous with a fit of giggles (that's what happens when I get nervous).

We grabbed my bags and calmly got in the car and drove to the hospital. It was weird and delightful how peaceful the event actually was because with Geddy, I was in labor and experiencing really terrible contractions as we drove from Provo to American Fork. Not what I would call peaceful. We said a prayer in the car and talked about how excited and wonderful this was. And I told him how nervous I was feeling.

So nervous/excited to have this baby!

We arrived and were taken to our room and I was told to get in my gown and take a seat. So I did and we sat next to each other and waited. I remember just cracking stupid jokes and giggling like crazy and holding hands and walking around the room because I was just so dang nervous. Then someone came in the room, I don't remember who exactly, I think it was the nurse. She hooked me up to the monitor and then the doctor came in and took a look at everything. I hadn't been feeling any contractions but apparently I was having them which was cool. The doctor broke my water to see if we could get things going. (We didn't want to use Pitocin right away because that can make the risk of my scar rupturing a bit higher). So they broke my water and Chad and I walked around the halls of the hospital trying to see if we could make some things happen (like my cervix dilating, that would be good).

Chad's Hospital Band

We walked around for about 20 minutes and the contractions really did start to get stronger to the point where I would need to stop and lean on the wall to get through them each time. So, we waddled back to our room so I could sit down. I was "put back in bed" so they could continue to monitor the baby and my contractions. When they broke my water, they did notice a little bit of brown, which meant there was some Meconium in my water. Aka: Scout pooped. Now, that happened with Geddy as well (apparently my kids are big poopers!) but his was so severe with him that my water was like black (the nurse said she never saw water that dark, perhaps why we had such problems with that delivery). But with Scout, the water was really light brown AND her heart rate was super steady. She was as a strong as an ox, for reals, she handled all the stress of the delivery so well.

Get this baby out of me! 

***Side note. I realize that I am a fairly tall woman at 5'9" but the hospital beds seemed SO small to me this time around. Like, I constantly felt like a giant person because my feet would stick off the edge. Weird? I agree. Anyway, continuing on!

Because Scout was doing so well, the Doctor felt confident that we could keep trying for a vaginal delivery. Now, there were several things that we had to be careful of with this delivery. 1) The Meconium. We don't want her to ingest it and if she did, her heart rate would start to drop and she would be stressed and 2) we had to be careful that my C-Section scar didn't rupture and the best way to tell if that was happening was her heart rate again. We REALLY wanted her heart rate to be STRONG and STEADY. So far so good.

At this point, I just waited and got through the contractions. They checked my cervix and SADLY, it was still like a 2. I remember feeling pretty disheartened about it. If I didn't dilate, we would have to have a C-Section but I really felt like my body could do it. I know it could. I just kept at it until the contractions were starting to get REALLY uncomfortable. They were to the point where I was struggling. I called the nurse and asked if it would be too early to get the epidural. At this point, it was about 8:00pm so I had been having contractions for several hours. She called the anesthesiologist and he came in. Things were going super smoothly and he got everything set up and just as he was about to put the dang thing in my back a nurse runs in and says there is an emergency that he had to be called away. I was SO close to getting the epidural but he had to drop what he was doing to help another Mother (a woman was having twins and got the first twin out vaginally but the second baby would have to be a C-Section, wouldn't that be SO hard? You basically have to deliver BOTH WAYS. Ahhhh! My heart when out to that woman). They explained that I would have to wait 45 minutes and in the mean time they could give me this other medication that takes the edge off but doesn't last very long. I don't know what that medicine was called but it was AWESOME. I was giggling and cracking lame jokes to Chad. It was really awesome. BUT it didn't last long.

45 minutes passed and the nurse came in to tell us that unfortunately, there was ANOTHER emergency (a woman came in dilated to a 6 and the baby's heart rate was dropping and they had to do a C-Section, again, SO scary) so he had to go and help her. We waited an additional 45 minutes. This 45 minutes was not as fun and trippy as the first. It was agony. My contractions were much worse coming every 3 minutes or so and I was really tired at this point. I had been up all day and dealing with contractions for several hours. And honestly, I didn't want to have a natural birth so I wasn't all about "powering through like a bad a**" I just wanted my meds! Finally, after a total of an hour and a half of waiting, the anesthesiologist returned and gave me the epidural. Hallelujah! At that moment, he was my favorite person in the world.

I remember that right after I got the epidural, I kept getting light headed and dizzy so they had to keep giving me this stuff that helped. But I had to keep asking for it because I kept getting so dizzy. My legs finally got all numb and we just waited. At this point, it was like 11 or so at night and I was starving. I hadn't eaten anything since 1:30 that afternoon and my stomach was hurting from being so empty but you're not allowed to eat anything so I just drank water. It was the worst.

Even though I had the epidural, I could still feel the pressure of the baby and the contractions. I tried turning the lights off so Chad and I could sleep but I just couldn't. I was feeling too much and I would get dizzy from time to time and I would have to move because one leg was numb and then the other one wasn't so they would rotate me slightly until both legs were numb again. I couldn't sleep yet I was so exhausted. I was also worried about our dog. This sounds so dumb but it's true. We had left her at our apartment without really thinking how LONG this would take. Foolish of us I know. So being the anxious human that I am, I told Chad my concerns and made him call his Mom and ask her to pick up our Lady Pup. Keep in mind it was midnight. Hahahaha, I am the worst. Totally dumb on my part. We just thought that Chad would be able to go home to her earlier than what was happening. Amazingly, they came to the rescue and picked up our pup (thank you Diana and Glenna!)

Since getting the epidural, I was able to relax more and they gave me very SMALL amounts of Pitocin just to give it a nudge. They felt confident with how well Scout was doing so we made the decision to give a tiny bit of Pitocin a try just to see if it would help me dilate. AND IT DID! They checked at about 1 am and I was at a 5. Hurray! They were also monitoring INSIDE my body as well. They put something up there that kept track of how my contractions were effecting my body and the baby and stuff...I know, I really know my medical lingo.

At about 2 in the morning, I started to feel intense rectum pressure. I know, gross but this is reality. It was so intense that I called the nurse in to check what was going on. At this point it was about 2:30am. They checked my cervix and I was already dilated to an 8 and the baby was LOW. Like so low. we were getting really close to pushing. At about 3, they woke up my Doctor and had him come in and check everything out. I was at about a 9 and getting really close to needing to push. The pressure was incredibly INTENSE. It wasn't crazy painful but it was pretty uncomfortable. I felt like I was going to push the baby out my butt. Hahaha, it was a weird feeling. The Doctor wanted us to wait another hour just so that I was dilated completely and would hopefully make it so I wasn't pushing as long.

I remember being really ready to be done. It had been 10+ hours and I hadn't slept at all and was really exhausted. I was also so hungry that I was kinda nauseous. I just kept drinking water trying to trick my stomach that there was something in it. We waited that hour and then our Doctor wanted us to wait another 30 minutes. When they gave me the epidural, they also gave me this magic button that would let me push it to give an extra boost of pain meds. I started using that special button at this point because it was so uncomfortable.

At 5:32am, we started pushing. Oh pushing. What a frustrating affair. I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed...and so on. Basically, the baby's head was low but couldn't quite make it past my pelvic bone. I would push and she would move past it but when I stopped pushing, she would slide back in. Graphic, yes? I pushed until 8am and our Doctor came in (it was one of our other Doctors because there was a shift change) and he candidly told us that they usually don't allow women to push longer than 3 hours and basically, if we couldn't get her out soon, we would have to do a C-Section. He explained that if the baby doesn't fit, then she just won't fit.

I was SO exhausted. I was actually sleeping in between contractions (every 3 minutes) because I was so tired. I had also started throwing up after pushing for about an hour but there was nothing in my stomach except for water from the ice I was chewing. It was brutal. Truly the most physically exhausting experience of my entire life. (The Doctor did tell me that everytime I threw up, the baby made a lot of progress outward...as if that made me feel better...dry heaving and all)

After the Doctor explained the likelihood of needing a C-section, my heart dropped. How could I labor for 12 hours and push for another 3 and THEN have to do a C-Section. So, I asked Chad to say a prayer outloud. I didn't care who heard it, I just needed it so he prayed. And it was just what we needed. I pushed with everything I had (I thought I was going to explode) and the Doctor had a sudden change of heart and said "I think we're gonna do this" and I pushed so hard again and again until finally her head came out. And the amazingly sweet nurse (who was SO kind and supportive) and my amazing husband (who was SOOOO stupendous, he was so positive and supportive and kept my moral high) were so excited for me pushing that baby head out of my body. They had me push yet again to get the shoulders out and low and behold, we had a BABY!!!!!!! And you know what time it was? 8:32am. Exactly 3 hours of pushing and that baby girl made her way into the world. She cried and cried.

I can't explain the miraculous relief that I felt. It was like a monster poop and my body was so glad but even more so I was mentally so relieved and emotionally. Everyone said such nice things. Chad started crying and even cut the cord. Chad was such a strength to me. I couldn't have done it with out him. He doesn't like hospitals and blood but he was right there in the thick of it the entire time. Chad, you are the best. I wouldn't want to experience that with anybody else in the whole world. P.S. You totally cried when you saw your baby girl :)

After the baby was out, they did have to check her over because of the Meconium being in my water. So they checked her with their fancy machines to make sure she was ok but she stayed in the room the entire time. The doctor got the placenta out (which he said mine was super big, that's probably why was I felt so dang sick in the first trimester???) and then stitched me up. I did have to have an episiotomy because our little girl's head is huge. Which is funny because Geddy's head was on the smaller side (but he was born c-section). I really wish the head sizes could have been switch considering the ways they came out ;) But it's all good.

The nurses were impressed with her weight.

After just a few short minutes, they brought her over and laid her on my chest. And I got to hold her. And she was amazing. My first thought was "she looks like my Geddy boy!" and I think she does look LIKE him, like, as if they are related. But she has a different nose and different eyes. But their mouths and chins are totally the same. Super pouty and darling. But mostly, I thought she was beautiful. And perfect. And BIG. Right when they pulled her out, I looked down at her and thought "wow, she seems big to me". And she was!

Scout Ivy de Lisle
8lbs 13oz 19 inches
May 5, 2015 at 8:32am
Me and my girl right after delivery. 

We tried nursing right away and she latched right on but totally feel asleep super fast (which she still does, btw). Right after, Chad went with her to get her first bath while I stayed and ordered food because I was STARVING. Even though I was so tired before, the adrenaline of birth and meeting this amazing little spirit kept me really alert. I scarfed down french toast, sausage, eggs, and a fruit cup. And even though it was hospital food, it tasted divine because I was so hungry. 

Holding Daddy's finger while she got her first bath (and screamed the whole time). 
The rest of my hospital stay was amazing. I love being at the hospital. I wish I never have to leave because they take care of me and my baby and I love it. Straight up. Going pee for the first time was really interesting. And cleaning the area down there was also intense. SO MUCH BLOOD. 

And I was totally that Mother who asked them to keep her in the nursery at night and give her bottles. I got some looks but I stayed awake the rest of that day she was born so I had been awake for 24+ hours. I THINK I DESERVE SOME SLEEP. And she was totally safe in the nursery with people who are dedicated to care for those babies. And although I had every intention of nursing, I believe that formula is an ok thing. Think what you may, that's just my opinion. I used formula from time to time when Geddy was little as well and he is a happy, healthy, child. 

I knew that I had a really long and intense labor. I knew that I would go home and NOT have that option and so I made that decision and stand by it. I took both nights (yes, two) in the hospital to sleep for myself. And I am completely happy that I did. I took an Ambien both times and slept like a rock and it made it so I felt amazing when I went home (apart from just having a human come out of my body, you know).

Overall, I was incredibly happy with this birthing experience. And I was thrilled to have had a successful VBAC. It was something I really wanted and was really grateful for the support of my Doctors and Husband in getting us there.

And most of all, we are so grateful for this healthy little girl. And Geddy LOVES his little sister. Holy cow, she is the best thing in his world. More on that later.

Happy Tuesday!


Also, you can read Geddy's Birth Story here.


Scout's Nursery

As promised, here is Scout's completed nursery! This was a long process but when I nest, I nest HARD. Like, to the point where I can stress myself out (kind of pointless, I know). It turned out a little busy looking but I also really like it. It's vibrant and has a lot of happy colors in it. 

The room itself is incredibly small and strangely shaped which honestly, I don't mind, I am just glad she will have her own room and that Geddy can still have the comfort of his room too. It's really convenient. 

As you may have read before, I didn't want to have a pastel or overly feminine space. I wanted something a bit more eclectic and interesting but still enjoying pinks and reds and yellows. I didn't want to be restricted by or defined by what a baby girl nursery "should be" so I just followed my gut and put things in it that I knew I liked. And this was the outcome.  

Here is the BEFORE:


From the doorway. Rocking chair is from Grandma Glenna.
The opposite side of the room. You can tell the room is super small. Closet doors on the right. 
I spy a massive pregnant lady! The dresser is from Grandma Glenna.
Thank you so much! 
Little details. Big Brother's Aviator hat hanging on the mirror. Makes me tender.

After decorating this room and painting the dollhouse, I feel like I never want to craft again. I took on a lot of little decoration projects and I am TOTALLY tapped out now. NO MORE CRAFTING FOR THE NEXT YEAR. And I am not really a crafty person but I just kept seeing things I liked and thinking "oh, I could totally make that". I ended doing the jars on her dresser (just painted the lids of some old pickle jars), the arrows above her closet (I made Geddy some a while ago and liked them so much that I wanted her to have some too), the yellow S hanging on the wall and the blasted Pom Pom Garland hanging above her crib. I also made  her a bunch of tiny felt bows that we can put in her hair (because I am SUPER picky about bows and accessories) and then the dollhouse.

Even writing that all out makes me feel tired.

Little moccs for little feet.
Chad requested this quote be in her nursery. We love it. 
Our lady pup is a Mini Schnauzer. We love her craziness. And Geddy has a little Mini Schnauzer cuddle buddy and Scout
needed one too. So now they both have them. 
I loved the cheeriness of the cloud and sun pillows, both super cheap from Ikea. 
I am a passionate lover of tootsie rolls so that little metal sign only seemed appropriate.
And the beginning of her book collection. 
Books in baskets. 
Homemade arrows above her closet. 

A shot of the crib. 
Homemade Pom Pom Garland. It took forever to make, oddly enough. 

You'll notice I don't focus much on the bookcases. They are bookcases we have had for 5 years or so and they hold things like Chad's comics and a bunch of DVDs and media and craft stuff so, they are just there because we have no where else to put them. The designs on them are cartoons with shakespeare quotes written all over them. I actually really love them because they are unique. We found those at Ikea but they are no longer there.

Blankets from Grandma Glenna and Great Grandma de Lisle.
A colorful blanket from Grandma Olson.
Last wall of the room. 

For years I have told Chad that I want a print of Frank Frazetta's Madam Derringer painting to hang in my daughter's room and he made sure to get it for me. It's the picture above with woman on the horse holding a little gun. I've loved it since I saw it for the first time like 7 years ago. And I have the "Be Brave Little One" picture because I just love the saying. Geddy has a print of that in his room as well. 

Finished Dollhouse!

There you have it! That is Scout's completed nursery. I am not gonna lie, it took a lot of work. And Chad helped me a bunch and gave me his thoughts on things. I am relieved it is now finished. And I like how happy and peppy it is. Although, I could really do without those flesh colored walls but there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was gonna paint this room. No way. 

OH YEAH. And here is her super clean closet which makes me so, ridiculously, happy. So, yes, I took a picture of it. 

Now if Scout would just show up already...

Happy Friday!