Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

So, tonight, Chad and Geddy are having a special boys night out at their best friends' house. They will play and get treats and be cool Dads. It's special really and that means this Mama gets a night all to herself. What do I choose to do with my night? I am currently watching Seinfeld, drinking a Slurpee (Coke, of course), devouring a Rice Crispy Treat, and blogging. Super Healthy I know. I may even paint my toes later (if I can bend that far).

As of right now, I am thinking "this ain't bad..." but I know in no time, I will be missing my guys way too much and wishing they were home. It's funny how that works, sometimes as a Mom you wish you could just get a little break and then once you get it, you wish that your little boy was crawling on you like a jungle gym again. Ha!

Anyway! Let's talk decor, shall we?

I know that I have mentioned my shyness of dressing/decorating a room for a little girl. I got so comfortable doing boy stuff that I am now kind of in a new realm, in a way.

I know what I like and I realize it's more eclectic, different, and people may hate it. And that's totally cool, to each their own, right? I also know what I don't like. I am not into the overly frilly, too feminine, girly stuff (in both clothes and design).

So, once I found out that this baby was in fact a girl, I hit the ground running looking for inspiration. I started off by going to Pinterest and searching for "Baby Girl Nursery". The overwhelming feeling crept back in as I didn't see anything that I was terribly fond of.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can obviously search for all different styles. I tried "tomboy nurseries" and still no success because it just wasn't quite right. Then, the other day, Smallfry did a post entitled Minimal Nurseries and it was like a lightbulb went off. I prefer simplistic, peaceful, clean looking nurseries. Per usual, I love white walls with good splashes of color and fun, eclectic, interesting decor (pictures, pillows, furniture).

I also looked up "Eclectic Nurseries" and found a few more rooms that I really liked on Pinterest. So let me show you what I am thinking (because I know you all worry about it...not really).

First off, I l love these couple of rooms because they look bright and clean. I love white walls and white furniture. Partially because it keeps small apartment bedrooms (like ours) look more spacious and bright. Funny enough, our walls are a nude color which is not my favorite but I would rather die than paint them. Ha!

I also adore the bright and random punches of color. You'll notice that some of them don't really even have specific color schemes which I appreciate. Although it can be really cute, it's kinda nice to not be tied down by only using specific colors.

Via. Those white lockers! Such a cool find. I would love lockers in a room.
Via. I particularly like the curtains and green tassels.
Via. Great rug.
Via. Using cute toys as decoration.
The following pictures are here because they have great decor and pillows. As I mentioned before, they don't seem to have strict color schemes yet all the decor tends to just "go". The items fit together and are eclectic and unique and charming. Super cute.

Found on Pinterest.  SO CUTE.
Via. Those pillows!
Via. Again, cutest pillows in all the land. 

I loved these wire baskets. Great for books and different from the bookshelves we already have. I would love to find something like these. Anyone seen anything like them?


Now to conclude, let's do talk about colors. Obviously, my walls are very neutral being a nude shade and all. That means I do want to have some definite color "popidge" (you better believe I made that word up). Right before Christmas, after we found out the gender, Chad and I took the plunge and bought a rug for the baby's room that we both LOVED. It's from UrbanOutfitters.com and it's bright and busy and bold. I saw a lot of baby rooms that were super pastel and subtle which are nice, however, I wanted to think kind of outside the box. I love the red, pinks, and golden rod colors together. It's nice because it includes those more feminine shades but not in a super frilly way. Really great.

And there are also those awesome baby sheets. Now, there is no way that I will be spending $65 on baby sheets (my own sheets cost no more than $15, thank you Walmart) but the colors are what I liked. Nice grays, coral, and that mustardy brown/yellow shade are pretty great. These are the kind of colors that we are going for but it's nice because I could also use teals and navy colors just as well because the rug has them all! Booya! And don't get me wrong, I love feminine shades. Pinks, purples, reds, they are lovely. I think I am just particular about how they are used. Does that make sense?

I am probably just crazy :)

Via. Our Rug!

There you have it! Those are the rooms that I find inspiring and want to mimic when doing our own nursery decor. It's fun, it's been more of a challenge than Geddy's was but who doesn't appreciate a little challenge?
It's also been neat because Chad really does care about how it looks like. It's great turning to him and asking what he thinks and there are a few things that he has requested hang in her room (like quotes and pictures). It's fun having a partner who cares about that stuff. 

Happy Friday!



24 Weeks and Lately

I am totally behind on posting this but here I was at 24 weeks! I am currently 25 weeks but it's all good. We had a doctor appointment just last week and everything looks really good. Oh and remember how I lost weight during this pregnancy. Well don't you fear, I am now gaining plenty :).

This little girl is kicking like CRAZY. She kicks and moves so much more than her brother ever did. I wonder what she will be like. Only other big thing to note this week is the fact that my bellybutton is BARELY hanging on. While pregnant with Geddy, my bellybutton stayed an "inny" which I was so relieved about because the "outy" bellybuttons weird me out. But this time around, my bellybutton has no hope. It's already almost popped out. Nooooo! J/K, it's not a big deal.

Geddy wanted to participate in the picture. He mostly wanted me to sit down with him (as you can see below, he's telling me to sit). Also, you get to see my sexy black socks. Ha! I was wearing boots that day and didn't plan on showing a head to toe pic. Oh well.

"Sit down, Mama."

So, here is a quick update just about me and what I've been doing. I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought it would be good.

Reading: I've actually been reading quite a lot lately. Chad and I have been reading every night together. We just finished the Hobbit in December and are getting close to finishing The Fellowship of the Ring. It's been so fun. We climb in bed and before we turn out the lights we read for a bit. My favorite thing is feeling the baby kick while Chad reads aloud. She kicks at the same time every night. I never want to forget that. It's so special. I am also reading Tina Fey's Bossy Pants on my own. It's a real kick. I absolutely adore Tina Fey, in case you didn't know.

Watching: I was watching a dumb amount of 16 and Pregnant. Man, that show is scary. Haha but I will say that it makes me SO unconditionally grateful for my amazing husband. So many of those teen Father's are just trouble. Yikes. It does make me feel like I have my stuff together (which isn't necessarily true), that is for sure. We have also been watching some Seinfeld which is just amazing all the time.

Thinking About: Geddy. I think about him all the time. I worry about him and am proud of him. Just lots of Mama thoughts, ya know? Also, thinking about how much we need to do before the baby gets here in April. Today I realized that I was 6 months pregnant and was shocked. Crap! We have stuff to do! Also, I am planning on trying to do a VBAC with this baby and I have this fear that I will be so out of shape that I won't be able to push her out. Hahaha, you maybe didn't want to know that but it's a concern. Also afraid of breastfeeding again. I hope it comes easier for us this time. But we'll just do our best!

I have been considering writing down some resolutions but I don't want to call them that. I feel like when they are resolutions, I never fulfill them. I want to focus more on "goals". Particularly creating a cleaning weekly schedule. We have a tidy home but I need to work on like dusting stuff and vacuuming. Oye, I hate vacuuming.

Eating: On Saturday, while playing DND, we had Queso and Chips and I have been obsessed with it. I made Chad get some for me at like 11 at night the other day. Haha. You're a good man, Chad. But on a healthier note, I have been enjoying salads for lunch. With apple and cheese and a little lunch meat. It's been good. Also, cottage cheese with fruit in it and whole wheat English Muffins and yogurt and strawberries on cereal. I try not to eat complete garbage. And have done pretty good.

Loving: Feeling this baby girl kick. This pregnancy has been hard but feeling those movements have been just as sweet as the first pregnancy. Baby kicks are a glorious and beautiful thing. The cooler weather. I am hot 90% of the time and the cooler weather is very lovely. Today it rained the entire day and it was so glorious. I've been loving how much reading that has been happening in our house over the past few weeks. We've been reading more with Geddy and Chad has been reading like crazy and so have I. It just feels good. I feel like I can hear our brains growing. Haha, sounds weird, I know.

I have also been loving how much better I have been feeling. Sleep is getting tricky and my right hip and buttock cramp a bit at night, otherwise, I feel good. It's about time too!  We are really happy. Things are never perfect but they're still great, ya know? That's just how life goes.

Happy Tuesday!



Geddy's Birthday Celebration (A Mega Post)

We had to put up the Birthday Banner the night before so he would see it the next morning!

Geddy's Birthday fell on a Saturday which was great because we wanted to do a day of family fun! Chad and I thought long and hard about what we wanted to do. Should we throw a party with a bunch of people? Go sledding? There were lots of ideas thrown around but we decided to go to the Bean Museum at BYU. 

Geddy is actually fake crying in this picture. He was a bit overwhelmed by the fun. 

That may seem like an odd thing to do but Geddy really appreciates animals, especially impressively large, scary, ones. I knew that they had redone the building and exhibit since I went as a child so we figured we would give it a go. 

I must say, it was a massive success. He loved it. Completely in awe, he ran from animal to animal screaming their name "bear! bear!". There was also a little play area where they had a cute little tree slide and small cave that the kid's could crawl through. Geddy isn't usually a slide guy but he did see many other kids doing it so he climbed up the little tree stairs and sat down. He refused to actually go down with out holding my hand so I helped him each time. It was cute. He also crawled through the rock cave (which I am sure the ground was covered with germs but, you're only 3 once!) and peeked out the other side. We were there for a good hour or so and he really loved it. 

At first, he was so excited that I couldn't get a single picture. They were all of his back side or with his head turned away, just like these two:

Chad and I were both surprised by the number of "set ups" where it showed animals attacking other animals. And don't get me wrong, it's a natural thing for animals to do but we found it interesting how many they showcased in such a way. There was one in particular that alarmed Geddy. It was a bear attacking a moose (which I thought was pretty bold of a bear to do). The moose had a few minor "owies" but Geddy was pretty concerned about that. So we had to keep going back to that one. Once Geddy stopped moving frantically from animal to animal, I was finally able to take some pictures. He wanted me to take a "cheese" (aka picture) with him and every animal. Funniest fellow, he is. 

Pointing at the "owies" on the Moose.
A very pregnant Mama and her boy in front of the Moose attacking Bear.

Per Geddy's usual, he got really overwhelmed from all the excitement and had a mini meltdown near the end when he wanted to go on the elevator but we didn't want him to. Regardless, it was the kid's Birthday so we got on the (extremely spacious) Elevator.  

So overwhelmed with fun.
This elevator was HUGE inside.

There was one lion in particular that I thought was hysterical. Like, shaking with laughter because I honestly thought it was wearing a wig. Then I realized that it was probably a "teenaged" male tiger so it's mane hadn't grown in yet. Doesn't it look like some punk teenager who is experimenting with hair styles. Amazing. Chad and I still laugh about it.  

Close up. Check out that hair. 

After the museum, we went to Barnes and Noble (a family favorite). Geddy got a free cookie or cupcake that day because it was his Birthday. However, he was completely uninterested in the giant s'mores cookie so...his Mother had to eat all of it (and it was dang tasty). He played with the trains for a good while and we picked out a new book for him to take home for his Birthday. 

We were planning on taking him to lunch (with a McDonald's playland involved) but he was so emotionally charged and overly stimulated by that point that we just picked up lunch and took it home. Geddy gets that way kind of easily. He will do so much fun stuff that he gets kind of upset or tired really easily. Is this normal? I would love to hear people's thoughts. 

We went home, had some lunch and put on one of his favorite movies while his Mama wrapped presents in the other room and Daddy cleaned up our disaster of an apartment. At about 4:00 we did presents! Because Geddy got SO much fun stuff for Christmas (like WAY too much stuff) we went more modest for his Birthday. We decided to get him this really awesome Melissa and Doug wooden castle that was super cool as his big gift and then just two books as the other gifts. It was actually the perfect amount, I think.

So excited about his presents. That face!
Checking out one of his books. A new pop up book!

And the castle was a hit! Chad kept saying how much he would have loved it as a kid and we feel like it's a toy that can work for several different ages of childhood which is always nice. It was so cute to see him and Daddy get down on the ground and play with guys and pretend. I really want to encourage that creativity the best that I can. I think it crucial to a happy childhood.

His new castle!

After we stayed home for a bit, we packed up and headed to see a bunch of our best friends. Because we didn't do a big party for Geddy, I wanted him to have a chance to see some friends so we brought the cake (which I will talk about in a minute) over to Zach and Cherry's house where we got together with our wonderful friends who are straight family to us. It's amazing because Zach and Cherry have Winston who is only 10 months younger than Geddy and they have become fast best friends forever. Plus, Geddy loves Avett (Winston's little brother) who is almost 1 and is cute as a button. Plus again, Winston calls me "Uncle Hilary" so, that's amazing.

That cake. Pregnancy Cravings. Enough said. 

Now, about the cake. Sometimes, when you are 6 months pregnant and you already love cake but you want a specific kind of cake, you use your Son's Birthday as an excuse. Yep, we bought an ENTIRE Costco Sheet Cake purely so I could eat it. Hahah, I mean, I brought it for everyone to eat but I wanted THAT cake. Best part about it? Geddy didn't eat any of it. He was too distracted by the awesome squishy Frog and Lizard that Winston gave him for his Birthday (seriously Zach and Cherry, Geddy LOVES them both). 

Geddy tried really hard to blow out the candles but they barely moved when he blew, apparently he doesn't have the best lungs? But Daddy helped and he was so excited and there was Birthday singing and all things wonderful. I was so glad that we were able to do the cake with loving friends, they're the best.   

Trying to blow out the candles.
...still trying. 
Winston and Geddy enjoying cake (even though Geddy wouldn't eat it). 
Asking for a picture of him and his new frog (thanks Winston!). 

After cake and chatting for a bit, we put all the children down for the night and the adults played Dungeons and Dragons (which is always a good thing). Even though the day was a little more low key, it was still so special. And I love that we spent it as a family and got to celebrate our magnificent Little Dude!

Happy Monday!



A 3 Year Old Boy

Our wondrous Little Dude turned 3 on Saturday. How to I express how obsessed I am with him? Like, I can't even find the words for it. He is just so fantastic and unique and vibrant. I use Vibrant to describe Geddy often because it just fits him. 

This pregnancy has made me melt like butter for this boy of mine. I have this whole thing of "I don't think I could love another child as much as I love Geddy", which I know is totally not true and that your heart just doubles in size with each child but that just explains how awesome I think this kid is. I am wrapped around his little finger.

So, I took some pictures of him in some of his Sunday Best when we had just gotten home from church. He was TOTALLY over it from the get go. You can tell that he is thinking "Mom, this is dumb" but I just kept pushing it. Imagine all the 3 year old eye rolls that you can and that was exactly how many we had. Funny kid.

Let's discuss what Geddy is like at age 3, shall we?

Loves: Geddy loves life. He is such a morning person and yells "Open Door, Mama!" every morning. We don't lock his door or anything but he is incredibly respectful and stays in his room until we let him out or tell him that he can open the door. We never trained him to do this but he just has that boundary set. It's bizarre but great. He sleeps 12 hours at night and laughs in the face of naps. Seriously, we haven't had consistent naps for 6 months now.

He loves his Daddy and Mama as well as babies. He LOVES and adores all babies which is a big relief considering he will be living with one in about 5 short months. He loves dinosaurs and all things scary. Vampires and black cats and monsters and playing hide and seek and playing in the dark. During Halloween, his favorite movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, it's strange, I may have a kinda creepy kid but I love that about him.

Geddy has found a new and passionate love for Dinosaurs and Robots and Dragons and things that can fight each other. He has started pretending more and more. As far as movies go, he loves My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Every Sunday, Geddy goes to Nursery and loves every minute of it. He doesn't even seem phased that we drop him off by himself. The teachers talk about how polite he is which I honestly don't take any credit for, that is something that has come pretty naturally. Although we are certainly still learning to share. We are far from experts in this stage. Haha.

We still try to read to Geddy every day. And he still really loves it. He has become particularly fond of  Pop Up Books which is still risky because he will damage them if left alone. So, we keep the pop up books that we have (which isn't a ton) up high so he can only get to them when supervised.

I would describe Geddy as a picky eater. There are days where I swear he lives on fruit snacks and crackers. Ahhhh, I do all that I can to sneak in veggies and fruit but he has wised up a ton and can spot them every time. *Sigh*. One thing he does love is Ketchup! So, if I douse his meat (like all natural chicken nuggets or maybe a little pot roast) in ketchup, he might eat some of it. Which is a big victory. What I can't figure out is how is he still growing while being a bit of a poor eater? It baffles me. Luckily, he does love yogurt BUT it can't have ANY fruit chunks in it. He will immediately push it away if he spots anything suspect. Geddy also enjoys candy, like all children and chocolate chips. So, there's that.

We are so incredibly lucky to have all his Grandparents so close and incredibly involved in Geddy's life. It's such a massive blessing. He gets SO excited when we tell him that he is going to see any of his Grandparents and they are all so incredible with him. That is a definite love.

Here we are refusing to stand up and ignoring Mama.
A sudden smile!

Hates: When Geddy gets hurt, he goes into an instant rage. It's pretty shocking, haha. Chad is one of the most kind and loving individuals but as a child, he had a real temper. Geddy seems to have gotten a little bit of that temper because it comes out when he is injured. So, when we have one of those moments, it's best to just give him a sec so he can "work it out" and then address the situation. It's cute though because once he feels better he'll look at me so happy and say "All better!".

Bananas. Geddy hates bananas. He used to eat them like a champ but if I try to hide them in anything (like cutting them in TINY pieces and mixing them in yogurt or on a PB and J sandwich) he will NOT eat it. I wonder if he maybe got worn out of the same flavor after eating so many before?

Any vegetable. He basically doesn't eat any. I know, parent of the year over here. Any tips?!

Dirty hands. This is new. Our boy has never really been sensitive to cleanliness but lately he gets really annoyed if his hands have food on them, like ketchup or yogurt or peanut butter. So, we do a lot of hand wiping. And he won't do it himself because he can't quite get them as clean as he would like them to be on his own. So, he'll say "wash a hans!" frantically.

Daddy is definitely one of Geddy's best friends and favorite people. But when Daddy stops playing (after wrestling and playing hide and seek and being awesome for a long time) Geddy gets so upset. He feels like Daddy should play 24/7 which is clearly not realistic so we are working on that. Ya know, just letting him know that Daddy needs to take a break and he needs to be okay with that.

When Mama and Daddy are talking to each other or someone else. Because little dude is currently an only child, he gets a lot of attention. That means, when I am distracted or talking to someone else or his Dad, he will demand my attention for no reason. "Mama, mama, mama, mama!" and then I will address him slightly bothered and he will scramble for something and say "You happy, Mama?", which is actually adorable but clearly a tactic to just get my focus and attention. Clever boy.

And this is what I get when I tell him to say "Cheese". Haha. 

Though this post is not eloquently written, I really love my Geddy. He has been my single focus for the last 3 years and I have learned so much from being around him all this time. He is my best little buddy and I am grateful that I have so much more time with him being home. I am also grateful that he gets to have a little sister. She is lucky to have such a loving brother waiting for her on Earth.

Geddy, you will do great things in your life. You show unconditional love and forgiveness daily and are growing and learning so much. Please know how much I love my one on on time with you. And although you will have a sibling soon, you are still my one and only Geddy and I will love you forever.

Because you're my Little Dude.

Happy Sunday,



This and That (iPhone Dump)

On Christmas Day, we got to talk to Chad's Brother, Aj, who is on a mission in Uganda. Sometimes, when we focus on something other than Geddy, he has a hard time and acts out so we pulled up an Elmo App on the iPad and put on some headphones and he was as happy as a clam for a good while. He is such a cutie.

Somedays, my fingers will be a little bit swollen from the pregnancy and it makes it hard to wear both my wedding rings so I usually just go with the thin diamond one. But for Christmas I got this ring with mine and Chad's initials and it's nice and thin and fits very comfortably. I really love it.

Here is a 23 week baby bump! This little girl is kicking LIKE CRAZY. She moves a lot more than her older brother did. It's easily one of my all time favorite things in life. Those little nudges and sometimes stabs to the bladder are a beautiful reminder of what is happening. Chad felt her kick for the first time this last week. Geddy will kiss my tummy and say "Baby Scout!" and it makes my heart explode. This pregnancy has made me so tender for Geddy, having children is such an overwhelming experience. It's hard and wonderful and divine. Gah, it's awesome.


After the Christmas Holiday, Chad and I were able to sneak away on a couple of dates. It was nice and relaxing. We were even able to make it up to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake, Red Iguana. Easily the best Mexican food I have ever had. Soooo tasty. And Chad is so kind. I have been a bit more self conscious about my figure this pregnancy. I feel more swollen and lumpy, haha. We were taking pictures of us together and I was saying that my face always looks bigger than his (it's pregnancy crazies, don't worry) and so he said he was going to make his "biggest face". We took a few more. And as we were looking through them, he said "See, look! You can tell in my eyes that I am trying to make my big face." You're a good man, Chad. Totally made me laugh. 

For Christmas, Geddy got a couple new Miyazaki films (My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke, to by exact). We are huge fans of his movies and already own several that Geddy loves. He really enjoys Ponyo so we thought we would get him some more. The movies are super creative and teach awesome lessons, they're great for kids. Pictured above, is Geddy watching My Neighbor Totoro. You can tell he is completely enthralled and totally got into it. We were pleased, to say the least. Geddy is the best.

There are a few updates for everyone! Life is good, we had a great Holiday and are excited to get back to daily life. Chad is a bit nervous to start his new semester but school always comes with nervous jitters :)

Happy Monday!