Geddy's Preschool Concert

Today we got to go watch Geddy perform some songs at Preschool. It was one of my proudest Mama moments thus far. He was the most animated and charming out of the whole group (even if I do say so myself). He kinda stole the show. At least I think so. And yes, the video is 10+ minutes long, haha, I am that Mother. I just didn't want to forget it!

We are so proud of our Little Dude!

Happy Thursday!



Geddy Warren: 4 Years Old

Geddy is 4 years old! Hurrah! 

Geddy is the best kid ever. As always, he has such a love for life. He loves to have fun and laugh and run and play. We are always on our toes with this one. 

Geddy is still a total morning person, waking up at any time between 7-8am. He still sleeps like a champ, has since he was a baby. He has finally started opening the door in the morning and coming into our room to get Daddy. Chad is wonderful and always gets up with Geddy so I can get just a few more minutes of sleep. He is so wonderful.

Geddy has started to really like transformers and playing with guys (like Star Wars). He still enjoys dinosaurs and loves playing with puddy or slime. He has become particularly fond of Legos! I am usually the one who puts them together and he watches because they are kind tricky for him still BUT he really likes them! Our Little Dude still loves all things spooky. This last Christmas season we watched the live action Grinch movie and Geddy loved it, in all it's creepy glory.

These two!

Fruit snacks are still his food of choice. That and BACON. This kid could eat an entire pack of bacon, he loves it so much. He also enjoys pizza, hamburgers, yogurt, waffles, apples, grapes, CHIPS (chips are another favorite), soda pop, whip cream, and chicken (or other meats which he always refers to as chicken). That's basically all he eats. Oh and Toast! He loves whole wheat toast. He is still pretty picky and eats the same things most days but we round it out with vitamins and lots of water (he isn't terribly fond of milk).

With Geddy starting preschool this year, he has blossomed a bit more socially. He loves playing with all his cousins at the Olson Family events and really loves Primary (which he started this year) and Preschool has gone SO well. It's been such a positive thing in our lives. He still loves reading books before bed each night and we have been working more and more on his letters (it's his Preschool "homework"). And he got a big BIG boy bed this year, instead of a toddler bed. But of course, he still sleeps on the floor by the door most nights. Haha, he is so funny.

Every time I drop Geddy off at preschool, he runs up the path yelling "I am Geddy! I am Geddy!". He gets so excited that he doesn't know what to say. And his wonderful teacher always greats him and says "Hi Geddy! I am so glad you are here!" We love preschool.

Every night, in order to get him to bed, we do a train ride to his room. Chad says "Ok, the train is leaving the station!" and we put a blanket on the floor. Geddy sits on the blanket and Chad drags the blanket to Geddy's room. It started out that way but has since evolved into MOM laying on the blanket while Chad drags her (sorry Chad) and Geddy chases me and pretends to get me. It's cute and acutely exhausting to Chad but heck, it gets the kid to bed!

Geddy is fully potty trained! It was a battle you guys. He understood it and could do it entirely on his own but he just didn't want to do it. We tried prizes and treats but he just hated taking a break to go potty. So we had lots of accidents. But then, one day, something clicked and he stopped. Now he is able to do it by himself and will even let us know he needs to go so we have very few accidents (as long as we make sure he goes potty before we are out and about for a long time). It's been a huge relief.

One of the funniest things he does is that when he needs to go poopy, he takes the iPad so he can watch shows while going potty. Best of all, he tells us to turn off the lights and shut the door. So he is on the potty, completely naked (he doesn't want to get his clothes dirty), in absolute darkness while he watches his show. He will be in there for 20 minutes sometimes! It's hilarious.

Cracking eggs! Geddy loves to cook with Chad and Chad always lets him. It's so sweet, Chad is incredibly patient with him when they cook together. I was amazed how great he does when he cracks eggs all by himself! He rarely gets any shell in there too. He loves to help Daddy cook.

Geddy watches kid review videos on Youtube (they are totally child friendly) and he loves them. So one of his favorite things to do is make a sandwich with Mom or Dad and pretend he is making a video so he will say "Hi Kids!" and then he will introduce me or Chad to the pretend audience. Then he will say things like "tell me your favorite sandwich in the comments below" and then at the end, we will all say "Bye! See you next time". It's pretty amazing.

Geddy still talks like crazy. He is just like Chad when he was little. In fact, if Chad and I are having a serious conversation and are talking without him, he will start talking really loudly and intensely about this or that. It is actually slightly frustrating but it's nice to know that he will defend himself (even though no one is attacking him, haha). 

Here are some of his phrases or convos that are my favorite:

- "I have a good idea!"
- "I love you, Mama"
- "You look very beautiful"
- "I am not a baby at all"
- "I want to go on the alligator" (instead of elevator)
- "I live with Grandma" (which he doesn't but he tells strangers that all the time).
- "I am a hard worker" 

It's been an incredible 4 years. This boy is such a light in our lives. He has such a passion for life, it's inspiring.

We love you Geddy!

Happy Wednesday!



Christmas 2015

Our Christmas season was wonderful. We did fun things like visiting a live nativity with friends, played in the snow, learning about Baby Jesus' Birth, making a Christmas craft, and donating some things to a family in need. We also watched The Grinch about a bajillion times (G really grew fond of it). We ended up doing so many fun things with friends and family that we never got a chance to build our gingerbread house. I still have it in the box and everything! But it was truly a full month of wonderful things. 

Me and Geddy made this Christmas Tree out of a Pringles Can. 

Here is also a Christmas Picture dump! 

Grandma Glenna's Birthday is on Christmas Eve! So the last few years, I have made her a carrot cake from scratch. It's a fun tradition and I like doing it because I really love that woman. She is golden. On the 23rd we went to Grandma Glenna's house and celebrated her wonderful Birthday. After we ate an incredible ham and potatoes dinner, we put the kiddos to bed. 

The boys' played some video games while we all sat together and chatted. It was relaxed and wonderful. And her cabin is so inviting. She has an incredible eye for decor and when we walked in, it looked like a Christmas Dreamland. The pictures I took don't even do it justice. Later that night, Chad had a chance to play some guitar with Grandma Glenna. It was super sweet. They don't have the opportunity to do that often so it was a wonderful moment. 

Glenna's Carrot Cake!
Chad and Glenna playing guitar together. 

The next morning (the 24th) we got up and ate a bunch of delicious breakfast foods. Geddy and Chad went out and played in the snow. You can see how BEAUTIFUL the view is. And it snowed a TON this year. It was a White Christmas for sure! Chad and Geddy built a little tunnel and made snow angles. They had a ton of fun.

The amazing view. 

Poor Uncle Aj had to work at like 4:30 am until about 11 am so the family wanted to wait to do our Christmas gift opening until he got home. Once he arrived, we busted open all the presents. We were all so spoiled. Especially Geddy and Scout! Those kids sure are lucky to have so much family that loves them so dearly.

Uncle Jordy and Aunt Kate got him this awesome Ninja Turtle Costume. He loved it!
And Uncle Jordy and Aunt Kate got Scout this adorable Penguin Beanie! 
View of her living room from upstairs. Geddy is pretending to be Doctor and Kate is
pretending to be sick.

After we opened presents and relaxed for a little while, we packed up the car and headed home. At this point the children were exhausted and frankly crabby from all the fun. Geddy totally crashed in the car. He was being really grumpy and whining and then suddenly it was completely quiet back there. I looked back and found him as pictured below.

That night (Christmas Eve), we stayed home and put the kids to bed so they could get some good SLEEP (which they needed). Normally, we get chinese food and do legos while watching LOTR. This year, we got to Panda Express too late so we just made some tortellini and garlic bread (which still hit the spot) and watched LOTR. We pulled out the Legos but didn't end up putting any together because I was exhausted and just wanted to SIT. SITTING sounded best so we did that. It was still so much fun but it did feel great to relax.

The Next Morning, Geddy woke up at about 7:45am and came into our room. So we woke up Scout and headed into the living room. I completely forgot to take a picture of our pretty tree and all the presents freshly wrapped so instead, I photographed the result of opening all the presents. I'm all about being realistic so there you go.

Geddy got a "Walking Dinosaur" that he has talked about for Months. It was awesome to see him SO excited. Scout got that exersaucer which she liked the first day but now hates it...bummer. After presents, Chad made us Orange Rolls and Hot Chocolate, per tradition. It tasted delicious and looked so pretty.

In the afternoon, we went over to the Olson's and had a delicious dinner and played Games, exchanged White Elephant Gifts and played out the Nativity story. I love the Nativity Play that my family puts on. All the children get to participate and we sing Christmas Songs during it and it's just a really sweet moment. Geddy got to be a Wise Man and Scout was a little sheep. They both did a great job.

Geddy and some of his Uncles as Wise Men. 
The entire cast of the Nativity. 

This Christmas was wonderful. Filled with friends and family. I am so grateful for my family and to celebrate Scout's first Christmas! She was such a wonderful baby during all the festivities. And Geddy has been doing so well with all of his cousins. He really loves them. He doesn't know all of their names so he just calls them "kids". He'll say, "come on kids! lets play", it's adorable. Good people, wonderful memories! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. 

Happy Sunday!



Scout Ivy: 8 Months

Scout is 8 Months Old! What a big girl she is. It's funny, to me she is still 3 months old. Seriously, she still feels like a little baby to me.

Let's get down to business.

Scout just wants to be held. We got her a fun bouncer/exersaucer for Christmas in hopes that she would enjoy it. She doesn't. Whenever I get her close to it she starts cry. *Sigh* So close. She likes to sit up on her own when she is in a good mood but that only lasts for a little while and then she wants to be held. She is rolling and scooting like crazy and can sit up all by herself! 

She hates solid foods and baby food. Like, she will barely eat it. And it's getting worse over time. So at this rate, we will be nursing until she is like 12. But really, did anyone else out there have a baby who hates solids? I have tried everything. From eating at different times of day, waiting til she is hungry, different temperatures but she just doesn't want it. She also seems to have a super sensitive gag reflex which makes it hard. Any advice is appreciated! 

She has become slightly more smiley and friendly. Not a ton but a bit. She will smile for other people easier but is still cautious around people she doesn't know well. She loves and ADORES Geddy. He will make her laugh just by smiling at her. She probably laughs the most for Geddy. She fusses when he walks away from her. And Geddy loves her back. They get along smashingly right now. Scout is still a Mama's girl. I am the only one who can get her to sleep. She loves her Daddy and he is a bowl of mush for her (which is part of the reason why I am the only one who can get her to sleep. Someone named Daddy doesn't like it when she cries). She has started to notice our Lady Pup but doesn't seem to think much about it.

Speaking of sleep. She is pretty good at it. Not amazing but alright. She still wakes up every night to eat and will sleep for about a 9 hour stretch at night before she needs to eat. She naps ok. Poor thing doesn't get the most constant naps though because we have preschool drop off and pick up that totally interrupt our schedule. But Geddy loves it so it's worth it.

When we nurse (which she does like a champ) she still always has her fingers in my ear or mouth. When she is tired and we go in to get ready for a nap by rocking in the rocking chair, her fingers immediately search for my mouth and ear. It use to drive me crazy but now I just expect it.

This little sister has us completely smitten. Each and every one of us. She is sweet and serious, calm and full of light. What a glorious baby she has been. So amazing.

We love you Baby Scout!

Happy Wednesday!



Scout Ivy: 6 Months!

Annnnnnnd my baby is 6 months old. When the crap did that happen!? I can't even believe it. I totally missed her 5 months blog post because I was in the throws of YEAST, haha. But here she is at 6 months! 

So lets talk all about this little lady. She is a DREAM. Truly, as I have been struggling with these health issues, I have always felts so blessed to have such a sweet tempered baby during this trial. I know it is no coincidence, it is a true and divine blessing!

Scout is still so sweet and calm. She loves being held and snuggled and would prefer to sleep all night in your arms (but we aren't doing that anymore!). Speaking of sleep, she is doing a pretty good job! She naps really well, usually 2-3 a day, depending on our schedule and is getting better at sleeping in her crib at night. When in her crib at night, she usually sleeps for about 8 hours and then we nurse and go back to bed (in my bed, naughty, I know) for another 3 hours. It's working out pretty well.

We started swaddling her again because she is SO grabby with her hands. As she drifts to sleep, she pulls out her pacifier without realizing it. It is so naughty but incredibly cute. She also flails her arms like crazy when she wakes up. You cant tell she is tired of being pent up all night while swaddled so she moves like a crazy person once she gets out. And we have to double swaddle her because she is like Houdini and can get out of anything! And then she can't fall asleep with her arms out. It's a hard struggle to be such a little cutie.

We started solids this month! Scout was not fond of the rice cereal the first time. She cried and cried, sensitive little thing. But, we started mixing in watered down pear juice and she tolerates it. We've been working on it for about 2 weeks and she is still pretty uncertain about the whole thing. She does this thing where she pinches her mouth together so tight (think of a little pursed turtle mouth) so that I can't get the spoon in there. It's funny and impenetrable! Just this week we introduced peas and she hated them. Don't blame her. She ate maybe 3 tiny bites and then she pinched those lips and the game was over.

Scout loves her big brother, Geddy! He makes her laugh and smile and she will giggle just looking at him. And he absolutely adores her, he requests that we all climb in our big bed to snuggle at least once a day. Its so wonderful to witness. Geddy loves helping with bath time too.

Scout can now roll both ways. she doesn't do it very often but I have witnessed it! She really likes to sit and stand. We will put her in her high chair with a blanket for support and she will play with her toys really well for a while. It's nice to find the things that will entertain her for a bit while I get things done. She isn't able to sit up on her own yet but I can tell she is getting closer.

Still a pretty serious baby. She is really smiley with Chad, Geddy and I but not to strangers or very many other people. Strangers will constantly try saying hi and get her to smile but she is just stone cold giving the same face pictured below. It's actually a little awkward because they try and try and I have to tell them that she is just a serious baby. But then if our little family tries, she is all smiles.

Scout is very tactile motivated. Does that make sense? I mean that she is really interested in exploring things with her hands. She is constantly wanting to grab and flail her arms until she finds something interesting to touch. While nursing she will constantly be grabbing at my lips and face (which drives me nuts sometimes so I have to hold her little hand) or she will play with her ear while nursing. I don't remember Geddy being that way as much as she is. She really likes playing with bright colored toys and they keep her pretty entertained for a while (Geddy was never that fond of baby toys, the differences are so interesting).

I think she may be started to teethe. Last week she was really fussy for a day or two and her bottom gums seem a little swollen. I can tell it's just the beginning. Oh teething, you last so long and make babies so sad. The worst!

And that is our big girl! We love you Scout!

Happy Wednesday!



Pumpkin Carving

I forgot all about these pictures from when we carved our pumpkin before Halloween. We did it about a week before Halloween for one of our Family Home Evenings. I honestly can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, it had been too long! 

My Mom and Dad grew pumpkins in their huge garden and let Geddy go out and pick whatever pumpkin he wanted. He loved it and asked us to carve it for the longest time. 

Getting out all the guts inside!

Geddy drew on the pumpkin for fun before we carved it. 

Good job boys! You carved one spooky pumpkin! Oh, Scout was asleep through this whole thing. Haha, it's hard being so little and missing out on the fun.

Happy Tuesday!



When Yeast Gets You Down

So, life has been far from glamorous lately. I can easily say that the past 3 months have been some of the most difficult in my whole life. We have had a lot of really hard things happen to our family but the hardest for me has been my health.

A picture that has nothing to do with this post. But it's Fall!

It all started 3 months ago when Scout and I got Thrush. For those who do not know, Thrush is a yeast infection of the breast tissue. The baby can catch it from nursing and then you can pass it back and forth between Baby and Mother unless both parties are properly treated. So, we started treating that. Scout's Thrush went away really quickly with no problems. I had a much harder time getting rid of it though.

When a Mother gets Thrush, they often get a vaginal yeast infection as well. And boy did I get one. I battled with Thrush and severe yeast infections for over 2 months. It was SO bad that I broke out in a terrible rash all over my legs as well. I saw multiple Doctors, including a Dermatologist and stumped each one of them. Apparently, my body had an allergic reaction to the yeast infection? That's the only thing they could think of.

Now, before you ask "have you cut back on sugar?" (which will make me want to cut you, haha), I will tell you that I changed my diet drastically. Stopped drinking caffeine cold turkey, started eating all natural yogurt for the good bacteria. Cutting back on sugar drastically and focusing on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Drinking ridiculous amounts of water. Reading high and low about natural remedies and medications. I would rinse my nipples with a vinegar/water solution after every feeding. I tried 3 different meds until finally finding a good combination of what worked for me.

When I saw my OB/GYN, she said it was the worst yeast problem she had ever seen but still had no idea why I had such a severe rash on my legs. The Thrush, yeast infections, and rash would keep me up at night. I would scratch so hard that I would bleed, even scratching off layers of skin. It was complete agony. Truly horrid. At one point I had scabs on the backs of knees about the size of a pop tart, even though THOSE scabs have healed, there are still scars.

After 2 months, I finally got the Thrush and yeast infections under control. Thank heaven, they were truly awful. Unfortunately, I still have a rash. I have seen my dermatologist 4 times and have gotten tests done. They still don't know whats causing it. I am going to a specialist on Wednesday in hopes for some more insight on the situation.

I have tried creams and ointments but the only thing that has even helped is taking a steroid. The problem is, each time I taper off of it, it flares back up in new places, sometimes on my face. Last time it effected my eyes and made the skin around them incredibly irritated and I would wake up with my eyes crusted shut because they were constantly wheeping. The super fun thing about the steroid is that it makes me retain water so my face gets swollen and makes me look super chubby. Also, the nightly headaches have become a new familiar friend. The worst part is, the meds only calm the rash down, it never goes completely away, it just numbs it a bit.

Horribly irritated eyes. Also some of the rash on my chin and those red spots are old hives, not zits. 

Now, I don't mean to complain. This has been a real trial for me, for sure but I don't write it down so that I can make people feel bad for me. I just need to express where I have been lately. Why I have been so MIA in life. I have often contemplated why this is happening. I remember waking Chad up a few times in the middle of the night when it was so bad so he could hold my hands and help me not scratch. I would dread showering each day because the water would bother it, I constantly felt like my skin was crawling but I realized that there may not be a reason, it's just part of life.

What I would like to focus on now, is fighting for good health. Growing up, I was pretty healthy. Mainly because my Mom fed me really healthy food and I played lots of sports but as an adult, its been harder to make those good decisions for myself (as embarrassing as that is). These last 3 months have taught me to value good health AND to work hard for it. Changing the way I eat has been really hard but has improved my life a lot. And the biggest thing is, I don't want this change to be short term, I want it to be a life change. A change that will help me have more energy and feel my best.

It's a journey. I am trying to take it day by day, I don't want to feel like "I've done it! I've won!" because that will make me stop trying.

So here is to good health!

I hope you have good health and hope to find it myself.

Happy Monday!


Also, both kids vommited in the middle of the night on Saturday. We woke up and noticed our house smelled like puke, so fun! Luckily, they are both doing loads better. Hurrah! And this is a picture that Geddy took of himself. Funniest kid.

Playing with Mom's camera.