Toddler Bed and Room Tour (Picture Overload)

I have been flirting with the idea of transitioning Geddy to a toddler bed for a while now. And to be perfectly honest, there was no real reason to other than I thought it sounded exciting. Ohhhh silly Hilary, little did you know, that a toddler bed would mean giving up naptime.

So, yes, we officially made the change just last week. To be honest, it's gone smoother than I thought it would. I have heard so many horror stories about screaming children being dragged back to their beds because they can now escape the grips of their big kid beds. 

That actually hasn't been our experience. Quite the contrary. 

Geddy took to the bed right off the bat. At night, he stays in his bed and room with out a problem. I think it's because it's dark and he is tired because he refuses to nap (I'll get to that in a second). Truly, at night, it's been a delight. And in the mornings, he doesn't even leave his room. He just gets up and turns on his light and plays with toys for about 15 or 20 minutes and then yells for me to come get him at about 7:30 or 8. You guys, it's pretty great. I hope that continues. 

Now, naptime, is a different story. 

We have yet to have a successful nap in the toddler bed. I do our normal routine and put him down and then I leave the room and he jumps up and turns on his light and plays with toys in his room for about an hour. I have tried going back in and putting him back in the bed like everyone advises but it just hasn't stuck yet. So, I am considering embracing "Quiet Time" and letting him just do his own thing. That way I have time by myself and then he sleeps like a rock at night. He seems to get a little cranky at about 4 or 5 but not too "melt down"-esq. And he is clocking in 12 hours at night. 

What about you parents out there. Do you do quiet time at this age (2 1/2 years old)? Is that super silly? And how do you encourage quiet time to last long enough to fulfill my own personal needs? I would love to hear thoughts and advice!

SOOOO, I feel like I have finally finished Geddy's room decor and have been really happy with it. Although Geddy's room is the smallest in our apartment, it's so charming and gets the most amazing natural light ALL DAY. I seriously love it and so does he. He also has a walk in close which he loves because we left a lot of room in there so he can play in the dark when he wants to (he really loves playing in the dark. It's odd). 

Here is an over extensive room tour for you all. Seriously, there are over 20 pictures, I really over did it but I do want to remember how he lived when he was little. It makes my heart happy. Enjoy!

View from the Door. 
If you turn around after entering, you see this! This is Geddy's Bedroom Door
(from inside his room).
Right by his light switch.
And one of my favorite things: the three G's above his door. 
After you walk in, if you look to the right, you will find Geddy's new toddler bed! Thanks Glamma! The bedding is from Target, FYI.

His new big boy bed and bedding!
I love the little trikes on his bedding. 
And we can't forget about his stuffed Schnauzer. Looks just like our lady pup!
Art work above his bed.

We have to keep a large space between his bed and the artwork so he doesn't try and pull down pictures and things. He totally would if he could.

I have been obsessed with decorative arrows for the longest time but haven't been able to find any that I was really in love with. I found this tutorial on how to make your own so I did my crafting for the entire year (me and crafting struggle). It took me about 3 hours but I made these two specifically for my little golden boy. I am actually super happy with how they turned out. But, I warn you, those feathers were a pain in the behind to get on. I said a few swear words in my head. Just sayin'.

I made these little arrows,  just for him. 
Bought this little print for his room. Find it here.
The other picture hanging on the wall. 

Between his bed and this bookshelf is the big window that let's in the glorious natural light.

On the opposite wall (from the bed) is his book shelf.
Ignore the crazy dust on the middle shelf. Yikes.
Gotta have a Star Wars shelf. 
Overflow of books and puzzles.

To the left of the bookshelf is Geddy's closet door. When my Mom saw our apartment for the first time she said "I don't know any two year olds with a walk in closet!" It's funny because this room is so tiny but it still has a spacious closet. I think it actually helps because Geddy really enjoys playing in it. It's like a built in fort where he can play in the dark. It works for us!

Closet door. Opposite wall as the bed.  
Chad's little kid shoes hanging on the closet door. So cute. 
Decor on the other side of the closet.
Inside of closet. His dresser remarkably fits wedged in there. It was tight but perfect. 
Opposite side of the closet. Some of his clothes hanging.
Fun push light for Geddy to reach and turn on and off. 
Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the closet! Perfect for fort playing! 

And the last wall of the room is his book wall and toy chest wall. The toy chest is an amazing find from my Mother-in-Law. It's exactly what I wanted but I have no idea where she got it. I think she has had it for several years but I am not sure. Thanks Glamma, we love it!

The small book shelves are from Ikea (found here). They are amazing and super cheap!

Coming full circle to the last wall. The book shelves and toy chest!
Pardon the crazy glare from the books. 

And THAT, my friends, is our Little Dude's big boy room.

Happy Wednesday!



Here I Am!

This is a quick update post where I dump a bunch of random cell phone pictures so that I don't forget that things happened. Hahaha. There are a few good quality pictures that I got from my Sister so we have her to thank for that!

Geddy and his cousin Abby! I think they look alike. 

To be honest, we have been super busy lately. We had my sister (who, by the way, I followed around from age 2-16 (I only stopped because she moved out for college at that point)) and it was so amazing. I got to meet her beautiful new baby boy and have conversations with her amazing little girls. We baked and laughed and tried having conversations in between childrens' screaming tantrums. And we giggle and laugh and just "get" each other. I have grown bitter towards the state of Iowa who has whisked my soul sister away from me. It's cruel but life is just like that sometimes. So our weekly phone call conversations will have to suffice until their next visit.

Geddy LOVED the tractor at my Uncle's house. 
Daddy and Geddy on the July 4th.

Then on Friday we got to celebrate the 4th of July with my folks at my Aunt and Uncle's farm in Payson. They have 24 acres of land where they grow all assortments of fruit trees and have cattle and chickens and cats and a dog. They also have a charming front and back lawn where the kids played and laughed and Geddy got to jump on the trampoline (this boy is a born jumper. He is constantly jumping). It was such a fun time seeing cousins and family. Then on the way home, Geddy drank some sprite in the car and vomited TWICE. I have never seen so much stuff come out of his body. It was horrifying. I think his body was overwhelmed from the warm day, the jumping and then guzzling some sprite. It was crazy but he was totally fine. Cleaning out the car and his carseat was a nightmare however, I still shiver thinking about it.

Apart from all the fun family gatherings and parties, things have been really good. Chad is really busy with work and we are enjoying the fun walks with my Parents 3 times a week and staying as cool as possible in this wretched heat.

Sleepy lady pup. 
I found this picture of Geddy pre-haircut and loved it.

Life is good. Things are good. We are happy and content. You would think that with so many fun events going on, that I would take tons of fun pictures but I just didn't really want to. I love having the memories but this time I just wanted to "be" present, does that make sense? And so I didn't stress about the camera, I just went and enjoyed and it was a lovely time indeed.

Happy Monday!



Happy Father's Day Indeed

I realize I am entirely late to writing a Father's Day post but it's one of those ones where you don't know where to start and the fact that it will lead me to an ugly cry as I write about all the wonderful Fathers.

So, I will keep it brief. Not because I am not overwhelmed with gratitude but because if I don't keep it simple, it will become a whirl wind of emotions and not very fluent.

To all the Father's in my life, I am forever grateful. The role of a Father is a crucial one, I have seen it in my own life and in the life of my son. I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Fathers because they are pretty awesome people. Especially you Chad, you are easily one of the best I've ever seen!

On Sunday, we made fruit pizza because Chad loves fruit pizza. And we have found a super easy and mega tasty recipe for it which is a bonus. We hadn't had it in a long time, so it was particularly refreshing to eat it on Sunday.

It was a super special day. And I hope it felt special the Fathers in my life as well, especially my wonderful husband, Chad. He is truly magnificent. And Geddy knows it :)

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Happy Thursday!



Geddy's First Haircut

***Sigh*** We all know that I loved Geddy's long hair. I am a huge fan of boys with long hair, I like the chill, granola, look of the shaggy moppy hair. And Geddy's was so cute. Mega blond and curly, I was a fan. 

But there came a point a few months ago where Geddy refused to let me comb his snarly hair. Like we would wrestle and cry and even the tangle spray made me enraged (do not touch this kid's hair) and the snarls got so terrible to comb that we decided it needed to be cut. 

So, we took him to a super cute place in Lehi called "Cookie Cutters" (thanks for the suggestion Maggie and Heidi!) where they specifically do kid's hair. They have cool cars that the kids get to sit in and movies for the kids to watch while they get their hair done.

Now, from the beginning we were worried that Geddy would loose his mind (considering he HATES getting it combed or washed). So, we were just hoping for the best. It started out awesome. Geddy loved all the cool cars and even selected one he wanted to sit in but there was a problem from the start. There was another young boy (about Geddy's age) who was screaming hysterically. Geddy did good until he realized the screaming child was also sitting in a cool car seat and our Little Dude lost it. 

The wonderful lady started buzzing quickly and we tried consoling Geddy who kept looking at us and saying "all da, all da" (all done). He started throwing his head back and forth and jumping in his seat. He was ticked. Totally enraged. Finally, Chad let Geddy sit on his lap and I pulled out my phone and let Geddy watch videos of himself (he really likes to watch videos of himself) and he sat calmly while the lady finished his hair. 

It was all moving so fast and I am sad to say, I didn't quite get the curl that I wanted for his baby book but I did get a little one. I wish I had cut my own lock from him before we went but I was nervous about the whole thing and this was the best I could do. But Chad made a great point. He said:

"Hilary, you have taken a million pictures of Geddy throughout his life, you've documented how his hair was just fine."

Excellent point my darling.

I LOVE his little ears. 

Although I will always miss those sweet, angelic, blond, curls, I feel totally confident that it was time to cut his locks. And I am SO happy with how handsome he looks now. And I love that I get to see his little ears. They remind a little bit of Chad's and so it's like a sweet surprise that I get to see them everyday. Plus, the low maintenance is really appealing.

RIGHT after he got it cut.

I will say that his haircut has aged him like 3 years. I had so many moments when we got in the car after the haircut where I thought "who is this big boy?". And then looking at Chad with a sad face because he is so BIG. And the last few days, I keep looking at him and thinking just how much I love this kid. He is beautiful and bright and happy. The haircut has shown me just how much he has grown and changed and it has made me ever so grateful for this beautiful child. 

And of course, I forgot my camera. When I get nervous about things, I get a bit flustered and that means I forgot the camera. Thanks anxiety, you're the best. So, pictures from our phones had to do. 

After it was over, the place gives the kids a balloon and a sucker. Geddy was so happy about that red balloon. He didn't even remember what happened only moments before. He kept look at us and saying:

"Ba-yoon, ba-yoon!" (Balloon)

It was a special day for us and one that Geddy will probably never remember. It seemed fitting that we had this little family moment the day before Father's Day. It was special to us. 

Peaking around the camera. 

Happy Tuesday!



Peppers and Sausage

Last week, we had these amazing Bratwursts that we needed to use up. They were an awesome quality and definitely the kind of thing we wanted to eat but maybe get a new recipe to try them in. 

I have always been curious about peppers and sausage. I have seen people make it and have them with noodles or rice and so I started my hunt for a tasty recipe. As I was searching, I found that it's common to put them on a hoagie or bun and I knew that was what I wanted to do (because sandwiches are ALWAYS the answer). 

I found this recipe and was pleased with the simplicity but the freshness of it as well. It's hard because I sometimes find recipes that seem a little too complicated than I desire OR that requires me to buy a bunch of ingredients that I may never use again. 


Chad loves to cook so he was the one who made it. I didn't get pictures because I didn't know if I would like it yet so the photos used here are from the original site. BUT, I was shocked with how perfectly it looked compared to the pictures. It looked the exact same! So we knew we were making it correctly. 

We used italian seasoned bread and put plenty of provolone on it then topped all of it with the peppers and sausage. Holy cow it was goooooood. I was so pleasantly surprised, blown away, really. Best of all, it wasn't terribly difficult. Hurrah!


If you are looking for a good recipe to try, I would seriously suggest this one. 

We did tweak the ingredients slightly so I will add our exact recipe below (they are really similar though).


  • 4 Italian sausage links
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 green bell pepper, sliced into 2 to 3 inch long strips
  • 1 red bell pepper, sliced into 2 to 3 inch long strips
  • 2 garlic cloves, sliced into slivers
  • 1/2 large yellow onion, diced into small pieces
  • 1 (15 ounce) can of italian diced tomatoes
  • 1 Tbsp of dried oregano
  • Salt to taste


1 Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a large pan that has a lid. When the oil is hot, add the sausages and brown them slowly. If they sizzle and crackle too much, turn the heat down. You want a gentle browning, not a sear. Cook for several minutes, turning them occasionally so they brown on all sides. When the sausages are browned, remove from the pan and set aside.
2 Increase the heat to high and add the onions and peppers. Toss so they get coated with the oil in the pan and sear them as well as you can, stirring every so often. You want some blackening. Once the onions and peppers soften, sprinkle some salt on them. Once you get some searing on the onions and peppers, add the garlic and cook for 1 more minute.
3 Add the tomatoes and oregano and stir well to combine. Add the sausages back in. Bring to a simmer then reduce the heat to low. Cover and simmer until the peppers are soft the sausages are cooked through, about 20 minutes.
I can't wait to make this again, totally worth it. 

Happy Monday!



I Love Food

It's no secret that I have a fond place in my heart for food. I get giddy about going out to eat and look forward to my meals everyday.

But I recently realized something that kind of broke my heart.

I don't like to cook.

I love to bake but cooking dinner each day is just not appealing at all. Luckily, my hubby really enjoys cooking and is good at it so on days where I am not doing a crock pot meal, he will usually come home and make dinner. It's terrible, right?!

And it's a strange relationship I have because I love to eat it the food but preparing it is such a buzz kill.

It's odd.

Anyway. With it being hot out (which makes me want to cook all the less), I have been really thinking about what I eat each day because McDonalds for lunch everyday is really not gonna work. (Jokes)

And let's talk about the fact that I am not a Salad person. You will never see me order a salad at a restaurant (unless we're at Cafe Rio and it's got meat, beans, rice, a massive tortilla and a wild amount of dressing). It just seems like such a shame to waste a meal on a salad. BUT, as I grow up, I realize that Salads are in fact a healthier choice than Steak and French Fries (but I will always love you steak!).

So, blah blah blah, here is some food that looks good on Pinterest but that is also, fairly, somewhat, kinda, healthy.

Asparagus Orzo Yumminess-- via
Fancy Quesadilla--via 
Loaded Cobb Salad--via

Now, is there anyone out there that has a story about how they disliked cooking but learned to like it? I really want to love cooking but am failing so far.

Happy Wednesday!