Birthday Boy

I would like to wish my husband/best friend a happy birthday (yesterday). He truly is my light and I shiver to think where and who I would be without him. He is truly the greatest. We spent yesterday just relaxing and eating yummy food.

Instead of a cake, he wanted doughnuts for breakfast so I got up and grabbed some from the Provo Bakery. They were quite the treat and really hit the spot! For the rest of the day Chad played some video games and then we ended the evening with a ton of Pizza and watched the 2nd and 3rd Indiana Jones movies (which I haven't seen in forever and thoroughly enjoyed!)

I wrapped his presents and immediately after, he opened them. But I had to wrap them, it didn't feel like a birthday with out it!

The pup, not amused by the presents because they were not plush and did not squeak (though the pic suggests otherwise, our pup does have limbs).

The goods. I surprised Chad with the Indiana Jones movies and the animated Hobbit and Return of the king DVDs. Also a comic and CD. I was quite the wife this year!

So, in honor of my love, here is a little list of things to help you get to know him!

1. I fell head over heels for him within a month of knowing him. I was throwing myself at him and he was so oblivious. I had never had to try so hard to get a young man to notice me!

2. He lost 100 pounds in 2 year. One of his biggest triumphs was getting healthy and losing the weight. He says he did it so he could marry a hot wife (which he did) but I told him I would have loved him anyway.

3. He is an insane runner (hence the weight loss). There were times in our life together where he was running 6-7 miles a day. That's right, he would literally run and run and run.

4. He is one of the brightest people I know. Chad is sharp, he picks up on things quickly. Suspiciously quickly. He is also an extremely talented writer. Like, so talented that all his college English professors love him and think he is a genius. Yes, its disgusting :)

5. He is the best big brother anyone could have. Chad has a special bond with his little brothers. He loves them so much, its extremely precious to see. They can hang out and laugh and be dorks for hours. While I sit on the couch and say sassy things. I'm just jealous ;)

6. He is quite the drawer. He will go down to the grave denying this but I can't tell you how many times I have found a little sketch or scribble thats ridiculously good.

7. He is a guitar God. He will also go down to the grave denying this as well but he is insanely good. He can play the blues like a black man in the 1920's (its amazing).

8. He loves to cook. And he is dang good at it! Chad probably does about 80% of the cooking in our home. I do 100% of the baking but he puts dinner on the table. It will be strange once I am at home and doing the cooking because he is better at it :)


Chad de Lisle said...

I love you! *tender

Haley said...

Happy Birthday Chad! I know from experience he's great at the guitar. Remember that time that mom made him play the guitar for the whole family? Classic.