Blah, Tuesday

Today was one of those days where I left the house with the most unflattering shirt on, ever. It used to be cute without the belly but now its just unflattering. I didn't have time to change because I was already running late to pick up Chad from school. Thus, I will not being showing a photo of today's shlumpy outfit.

On a lighter note, I am 21 weeks along today. Tomorrow, we find out the gender of our baby. Its seems unreal and I am already beginning to worry about weird things. Like the fact that I really haven't felt my baby move yet. They say that can happen with women who are obese, which makes me even more nervous...haha. I have felt small flutters here and there but nothing that made me really think "Wow, my baby is a mover and a shaker". In fact, I can never tell if it was actually a movement or gas. I am trying to take this as "Wow, my baby is going to be calm and collective all the time, lucky me!" Sadly, this isn't working and I am going to worry the rest of this night until we go to the appointment tomorrow morning.

Everyone thinks it will be a boy, 50% chance that it is and we will be thrilled either way. However, I would be very happy to prove a certain Grandma wrong (not my Mother or my Mother-in-law, they have both been fantastic). I have a weird issue with this one telling me that she already knows the gender, its bursting my bubble. I don't want to feel like she knows something that I don't...I should be mature and respectful about it but it rubs me the wrong way! I want it to be a surprise and when she tells me that stuff, even when it may not be true, it makes me highly irritable. Maybe pregnancy hormones are to blame on that one :)

Sorry for the drab post today, I am sure tomorrow's will be much more pleasant!

Happy Tuesday!



Two Little Mittons said...

I'm excited for you! Let us know ASAP!

Haley said...

I can't wait to find out what you're having!!! As far as putting on an unflattering shirt ... well, welcome to my life at 8 months preggo. :)