Fall Window Shopping

Growing up my mom would talk about window shopping. Meaning that you don't buy anything but look at all the lovely items. Though I would much rather be aggressively shopping, where there is major purchasing taking place, I understand that there are not always opportunities for those situations.

This post is dedicated to my most favorite time of the year, Fall. Its starting to cool down, the leaves are changing color, food tastes better because its not so hot, and Halloween is quickly approaching. And what is one of my favorite parts of fall? The clothing. I love bundling up in sweaters and wearing boots. You can really layer an outfit with scarves and such during this time of year.

This is my window shopping for the day. I haven't purchased any of these items but this is really what I am looking for this fall (but will probably purchase when marked down or a cheaper version of a piece).


I really love coats. Living in Utah where it has beautiful snow every year, a good coat is a huge priority. I tend to lean drastically towards the military coats because they are very structured. Being a bustier gal and a bit on the curvaceous side, I need something that defines a waste and isn't floppy or drapey.

Red Military Coat: The red gives such a fun flare but can really be worn with anything. Black, brown, navy, grey, you name it and that red will go with it. Its also even better than a standard black coat because it stands out and makes you look fresh during a cold, wintry, season.

Toggle Coat: The grey toggle coat is awesome because of the toggles. I love toggles, I have ever since I was a kid. Grey is also one of my favorite neutral colors. Again, it can be worn with anything but would probably stay more casual. Awesome everyday coat for running to the store, out to lunch, or walking the pup!


Oh dear sweet sweaters. We have a special relationship. I would say that sweaters and cardigans really define my style and wardrobe. On a standard day, you will see me wearing a t-shirt, skinny jeans, striped cardigan, and a pair of dorky flats. That is like my uniform and it makes me feel at home. Here I have 3 styles of sweaters and I will break each of them down for you.

Raccoon Sweater: I adore sweaters that have ridiculous things on it. Like a raccoon or a sheep (I own a sweater with a sheep on it and its my favorite). They are subtle statement pieces that show personality. Also, being curvier, the more structured sweater (like this one) suites my body type well. I still look like a female (its kind of unavoidable with my bust) but there isn't tons of other fabric that makes me look, well, fat. Though they aren't for everyone, this is one of my favorite styles.

Elbow Patches: I am on the hunt for the perfect sweater with elbow patches. They are hard to find at a reasonable price! There is something so deliciously nerdy and quirky about the elbow patch. It suggests intellect and grandpa while still looking super cool. I may, find a cheap sweater somewhere and sew some elbow patches on it. I really might, it will be a fun project!

Striped Cardigan: A cardigan in general can be a girl or boy's best friend. I wear mine ALL the time, they truly are a huge staple piece in my wardrobe. I have always been a huge, ridiculous, fan of stripes. I love them. Always will. Because I am taller (5'9") I really love the longer boyfriend/grandpa style cardigans because it breaks up my stature nicely. They are easy to layer with and so comfortable.


*Sigh*. I save the best for last. As early as I can remember, I have loved shoes. I would encourage my mother to wear high heels to the grocery store when she would go shopping. I would play dress up and wear my oldest sister's ballroom dance shoes and cinch them as tight as I could so they would fit. Shoes are just awesome. One's shoes say a lot about that person. Here are two fall pairs that I would LOVE to own.

Leopard Loafers: Look at those beauties. I would wear these with a pair of ankle length denim or colored slacks. Throw a button down with a cardigan or sweater and you have it made. Or an awesome retro dress with tights. Yum. I will keep my eye on those puppies and when they go on sale, I will do all I can to snatch them up! They are truly perfect when wanting to give a cool, hip, artistic, vibe.

Black Riding Boots: It is no secret that I ADORE riding boots. I have referred to them several times in my past posts, this one most recently. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, jeans and if good quality and kept properly, can last a long time. I have a pair of brown leather riding boots that I have worn all through the winter the past 5 years and have aged beautifully. Its true, I spent some decent cash on them but I would say they were entirely worth it. Some women prefer to have a heel with their boots, which can be nice, but I would still say a flat riding boot is priceless, and everyone should have a pair!

Well, I had way too much fun doing this post. So much so, that I imagine I will to more!

Happy Saturday and happy window shopping!



Chad de Lisle said...

I can't wait to borrow all your new clothes....

Haley said...

Love the striped cardigan and the gray coat with toggles. Now all I need is a sugar daddy ...