Metal Gear Month

Its Metal Gear Month at our house. What is Metal Gear, you may ask? It is Chad's all time favorite video game...EVER. The story has insane twists and turns and intrigue and he has explained it to me so many times but it still seems so foreign. Its actually very cool (from what I have understood).

I have watched him play Metal Gear 4, Guns of the Patriots, about 5 times because our pup had just been spayed during that time and we all wanted to have a calm relaxing few days so she would rest. It was like watching a thriller movie (over and over and over again) but it was rather enjoyable.

Now, why would one dedicate an entire month to a game? Well, August is Chad's birthday and the past 3 years it has been tradition that he play all his Metal Gear Solid games during that month. Its something he looks forward to like a little kid all year. Doesn't that bother you? No, never. I have never been bothered by him playing video games. I like him to have hobbies that he can enjoy and unwind with. I usually just watch a show next to him on my computer with my pup close by. I am happy as a clam as long as we are in the same room.

Moments before the photo, the pup was sprawled in Chad's lap. Bobbie loves Metal Gear month because she can cuddle up next to Chad for hours on end.

Now, many may say "Once you have a baby, he won't be able to do that anymore". To that I give a dirty look and say "I will do whatever I can for my Honey to have Metal Gear month. He may not have as much time but he deserves to have some game time". We will work it out :)

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

Oh man, you are officially 300 times cooler than I am! I always get annoyed when Ty plays video games. Poor guy can't catch a break.

Chad de Lisle said...

Hilary, I'm awarding you the Big Boss Emblem for this post. You've just unlocked the Patriot. Infinite Ammo. Infinite Love.