Bippity Boppity

This post will be a mash up of multiple things. Most of them baby, are you sick of this? Probably, but it really is the focus in ye ol' de Lisle home. First off, we bought a crib and car seat/stroller! You may be thinking, "Wow, they are doing this really early on " but that is the way I role. I would not be surprised if the baby's nursery is done in November because, I don't like to wait around. Also, I don't like surprises. So, rather than waiting until a few weeks before the baby gets here to buy a car seat, I get one 4 months before because you never know!

With both the crib and car seat/stroller, I wanted to go pretty gender neutral. I figure red can be for boy or girl and its more fun than tan (which was a neutral color I was originally considering). The crib on the other hand is white. I love white furniture for children, it provides a blank canvas on which you can decorate for either gender. We also went with a less expensive crib for a few reasons. There are some beautiful cribs that are large and wood sleigh bed styles but frankly, we do not have the room. Apartment living is not super friendly to large bulky furniture and we were very cautious of that. The less expensive styles seemed to be smaller and more apartment friendly.

Another baby mention. 21 weeks! This last week was a tough week pregnancy wise. Our naughty boy has found it super fun to push on a nerve in mama's back. This makes it especially fun for mama who has had two nights this week where she can't sleep, hence waking up the spouse crying out of frustration. The spouse, being the wonderful man that he is, rubs her back at 2am until that spasm ceases and mama can finally fall asleep. Chad, have I told you I love you? That guy deserves a cookie! On a more pleasant note, I have been noticing the baby moving. Oh happy day, its about dang time! At night as I am resting I feel all sorts of soft bumps and nudges and I love it. It just feels good to know that he is in there. Even if he is naughty.

(I cropped my face out because I was exhausted and not wearing make up. Go me.)

Lastly, The spouse and I have been enjoying X-Files as of late. I have always loved scary movies and the show provides an eerie thrill that Chad and I adore. Though some of the episodes are ridiculous at best, the majority are fantastic and fulfill the nerd inside.

(Mulder on the Simpsons)

Chad sent me this gif the other day and I was laughing out loud at my desk. Mulder was quite the heart throb back in the day and there is actually an episode where is wearing a speedo (it was random and Chad and I were laughing so hard when we witnessed it).

Happy Saturday!


P.S. We have the name picked out (again, I don't like to wait). I will be doing a big reveal on Monday (want to share with my family on Sunday). Is the anticipation killing you?!


Unknown said...

I just got my son that same carseat I've heard great thinks about chicco so here's hoping also wanted to tell you and Chad congrats I'm SO excited for you babies are such a wonderful blessing and do much fun

Katrina said...

I have that carseat stroller combo and I love it

Haley said...

I love the crib! I'm with you, white furniture looks best in a nursery.