My Fall Closet

Yes, this is another post about my closet. Kinda weird? Maybe. With the morning becoming slightly more crisp, Fall is surely around the corner. I believe I got a little over excited and pulled out my fall attire a bit prematurely but I had time last night and I was tired of my storage bins being out and about. So, here I discuss the transition from a summer wardrobe to a fall wardrobe.

This is, as I have stated so many times before, my favorite time of year. I love the Fall and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (note that all of those Holidays are food motivated). Also, I love fall and winter clothing, as mentioned here. We all know that I love organizing my closet, I have even done a previous post about it here. One of my favorite things about the transition, is opening up the bins of fall clothing and remembering pieces that were forgotten over the summer. A feeling of shock ensued when I saw all of the cardigans I had forgotten. Sheer giddiness, as I folded them and put them on my shelf.

As I went through my shirts, I was especially cautious of things that no longer fit (because of the growing Geddy boy inside my tum). I wanted to avoid the feeling of "that's cute, I should wear it. No wait, I am too round". By eliminating the very form fitting shirts and sticking with my looser or stretchier shirts will make my odds much higher of choosing something that fits and therefore doesn't make me dread the expanding waste (which I actually love). This did make my "non-pregnancy" pile very high. These items that I was eliminating will be kept in storage until next spring when I will hopefully be able to fit in them again!

Very strange not having all my fall tops in my closet. These are the pregnancy appropriate ones. You can see the floppy stacks of sweaters at the top as well. Does anyone have a better way to organize their sweaters? If so, do share!

Lastly, remember that wardrobe we got for Chad so he could have a spot for his clothing once Geddy comes? Well, we got it but he sadly didn't like using it. It was very sweet of him but he came to me after about a month of using it and said "Honey, would it be ok if I moved my clothes back into the office closet? At least until baby comes?" I told him yes, though it made me sad to see him move his clothes out of our bedroom. I almost felt like we were breaking up, apart from the fact that we sleep in the same bed every night and still love each other :) Because he isn't using it any longer, I took advantage of it for the time being. I am storing all my bags/purses as well as my goulashes and heavier jackets. Though I wasn't intending to have the wardrobe for this purpose, its kinda fun.

Sorry this post was so wordy, I just have a lot to say when it comes to closet organizing I suppose.

Happy Tuesday!


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