Nanny 911

On Sunday, I saw that Nanny 911 was on Netflix and became so excited. I am a sucker for reality TV that highlights people's problems. Such shows include:

Intervention (I have probably seen every episode...not kidding)
Its Me or the Dog
True Life
Wife Swap (absolutely hilarious)
Super Nanny
Nanny 911

I will be very honest and tell you that it makes me feel so normal to watch these people. I think "hey, I have got my life on track and I don't have a cocaine problem". Its horribly selfish, I realize but it does make me feel a little better.

While I watched the entire first season in about 2 days, I realized that all of these kids' issues are because of their parents. Also, their parents are morons. Again, I am feeling rather confident that I wouldn't be as terrible as these parents (which is a good feeling). There were, quite literally, moments where I was mortified by the bizarre outbursts of these adults. Though I realize parenting is frustrating and requires an insane amount of patience, I feel like some of these people don't have common sense and don't know how to handle children (though they have 7 daughters).

All in all, I love the show. Nanny Stella is my favorite, though the others are rather fantastic as well.

Happy Wednesday!



Jennifer O. said...

Hil, I also watch Nanny 911. Usually when I am feeling overwhelmed and wondering why on earth I ever became a parent. It makes me feel more competent.

Haley said...

I used to watch Super Nanny. I love me some Jo. I'm not sure why, but I was always convinced that that childless British woman had all the answers.