Seasonal Bread

Again, this is my favorite season of the year. There is a chill in the air each morning and I love it. Yesterday, it was really rainy and the temperature had dropped quite a bit and I had a hankering for something delightful. My sister had mentioned that she was making Pumpkin bread earlier this week and I thought it was a perfect time to whip out the recipe I have as well. The spouse and I were highly pleased with the result and the wonderful smell that filled our apartment.

Only one finished loaf was photographed because Chad and I ate the other. Don't Judge.
Totally had some for breakfast this morning with cream cheese.

Also, 23 week baby bump. I would like to say that is all baby and not pumpkin bread :) One thing I have found weird about pregnancy, my butt hasn't grown at all. I was hoping to get a little junk in the trunk to even out the whole apple on tooth picks thing I have going on but...nothin'. Rather, it all goes to by stomach, so I will be gigantic by 9 months.

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

I have been to three grocery stores and cannot find canned pumpkin!! Is it normally difficult to find? I need pumpkin bread!