Whirlwind of a Week

This week has been kind of crazy. Did I mention that we put our Pathfinder up for sale last week? By that I mean I put a For Sale sign in the window while it sat on the street. Amazingly, on Wednesday, we had 3 people want to buy it. Granted, we put it up for a great price because we wanted it gone fast and thats exactly what happened. Thats right, we sold it it in 1 week! It was amazing but kind of frantic because I have never sold a car before and didn't really know what we needed so I made it up as I go.

With Chad going to school full time and both of us working full time, life is just busy and we are adapting. Its the 3rd week of our new schedule and poor Chad is busy all the time. I feel bad for him, I wish I could help him do his homework but I am pretty positive that would make his grades suffer.

Sorry for a lazy post, I feel like I have been running with my head chopped off! Here is another funny that Chad sent me.

Being the animal lover that I am, I thought this shirt was fantastic. Animals are awesome. So watch it.

Happy Friday!


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