26 Weeks

Good golly, I have been swamped as of late. Hence the lack of posts. Here is a quick baby bump update. This was actually from week 25 but I am going to say that I haven't grown that much in 1 week. I am starting to feel large and I know that its only the beginning. Other than that, I feel pretty great!

I realize the picture quality is sub par and my eyes are closed. You get the idea.

Happy Wednesday!



Two Little Mittons said...

You've got a good baby bump going there! Isn't it so weird to think you are just going to get bigger and bigger? Weirdest thing ever!

Haley said...

You look so cute! I was going to email you today since I didn't get to talk to you on Sunday and you hadn't blogged lately. I needed my Hilary fix! I hope you're doing well.

Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

You look adorable! Yay for being 26 weeks...each week baby just gets stonger and bigger, and even though you may feel big, "big" is a GREAT thing! I hope you just keep growing a cute belly!