The Aftermath

This past weekend, Chad and I celebrated Halloween. We are very much homebodies and so we decided to stay in on Saturday, eat cookies and treats and watch a new season of Parks and Recreation that we haven't seen. I made Rolo cookies which made about 4 dozen. We also had Reeses Cups (totally remind me of Halloween) and Salt Water Taffy. Lets just say that Sunday morning brought upset tummies and major grogginess. There is a reason why kids get crabby after Halloween and its because of all the treat intake. Oh well, it was fun to celebrate.

A few weeks ago, Chad and I did some painting in our soon to be Nursery and Bathroom. I won't post the befores and afters of the Nursery yet because I am saving those for when I am done decorating but I will show you the bathroom. It feels amazing to have plain white walls, as odd as that sounds. So clean and crisp and because we live on the bottom level, its nice to have light walls so that it doesn't seem so dark.


The walls were a terrible flesh color, I have talked about this before. Our apartment also came with an absurd amounts of holes in the wall. Luckily, Chad is quite the handy man and patched those up very nicely. Though painting is kind of the worst, I do not enjoy it, it feels amazing to have everything freshened up a bit.


In the past weeks, I have felt so swamped by laundry, which is odd because we don't really have more than normal. It just seems like its taking over my world. It will be interesting once the baby actually gets here, because we don't have a washing machine in our apartment. Ha, that will be fun.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Laundry has certainly taken over my life! I type this while neck deep in poopy onesies.