Day Off

Here is what our day looked like yesterday:

5:30am: Get up, pee, wake up Chad with nervous energy.
6:15: Roll out of bed, eat, Chad goes on a run. Watch a show. Contemplate going back to bed. Decide not to.
8:30: Take the pup out to potty, brush teeth, get ready to go run errands.
9:15: Go to Home Depot to buy paint.
9:50: Drop of clothes for donation, get fuel.
10:20: Go to Petsmart to pick up pup's food and nail clippers.
10:50: Go and pick up new undies (mine are getting to tight).
11:15: Go grocery shop.
11:40: Stop in the middle of grocery shopping to go potty again. Hope that someone doesn't tamper with my cart of food while I am pottying.
12:00: After a long, painful, check out line, head to car with groceries.
12:25pm: Return home to hubby, who surprises me with all that he accomplished while I was gone (it was incredible, that man has work ethic).
12:50: eat a Snickers because I need sugar for some energy and talk to hubby. Kick my feet up for about an hour. Exhausted.
2:00: Start taping office (which my husband miraculously cleared out on his own, this includes 3 bookcases).
2:20: begin painting with spouse. This takes about 2 1/2 hours and we are able to complete the first coat on the entire room (including corners and closet doors). Awesome.
5:30: Get showered for the first time that day and prepare to go to dinner for Brandon's birthday.
6:30: Dinner with friends. My feet hurt a great deal at this point. Big, Red, Puffy.
8:15: Head home after dinner and find the motivation to do one more coat in the office so we can call it good.
9:45: Finish the last coat of paint and tell my hubby that we need to relax. I watch my show and elevate my feet. Eat a bowl of cereal.
11:00: So tired, peel myself off the couch, brush my teeth, climb in bed.

This day was exhausting but we got SO much done! I was totally slammed this morning when I had to get up for work at 7am. My feet are not happy with me :) Today we paint the bathroom. Our apartment is a disaster. Pictures to come!

Happy Saturday!



Haley said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your house! I'm so impressed you're painting. That was always on our to do list when we lived in Lehi and I never even got close to doing it.

Chad de Lisle said...

what a crazy day!