Oh yeah, 29 Weeks

Today I got totally ready in a "cute" outfit and did my hair and makeup (because we had a meeting at work where I needed to look decent) and I was totally going to take a pregnancy pic. I get home and get in comfy pajamas (including a hoody that is peaking a little bit of belly at the bottom) and wash off all my make up, and as I am moisturizing my face, I realize I never took that picture, BLAST! So, no picture today, because this hoody is all too small and I am not about to show you some baby belly. Too bad.

Its been quiet here on ye old blog. In this situation, no news is good news. Work has been insanely busy but I have been holding it together surprisingly well. I feel like my old self again which is a welcome visitor :) Also, someone asked me when the baby is due and when I told them the date she said "thats soon!" HAPPY DAY! Thats the reaction I am looking for and yes, I only have 11 weeks left. In fact, I had my first "oh profanity" moment last night in bed when I thought of all the things I still want to do before he gets here. The list is pretty dang long. I've got to get crackin'!

Just wanted everyone to know that I am alive and doing well. I still feel fantastic. I feel extremely blessed truly. Its a little uncomfortable sleeping and my butt is still too flat to hold up my pants so everything slides south but all in all, I feel very fortunate :)

Happy Wednesday!


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Weeks 29 Pregnancy said...

how are you doing at this time.. I hope you have delver a prince/princess.