Slowly but Surely

You will recall in one of my recent posts about the Nursery for our little fellow, where I mentioned a color scheme that I was going to use. Blue, white, and gray. I have quite the fetish with the color gray, I think its a perfect neutral. Today, I was a little bit naughty and found something perfect for Geddy's soon to be room. Sadly, I won't get it for a few weeks because its back ordered but it was perfect and EXACTLY what I wanted. It pretty much used up all of my spending budget on the nursery but that was fine because I plan to make the rest of the wall decors by hand. I can be strangely crafty and artistic when I want to :)

Its a gray and white zigzag area rug. By "area" don't imagine something huge but it will be big enough to stand out in the Nursery. I will have to show befores and afters of this nursery when I have competed it, I hope its shocking and impressive, we shall see :)

Happy Saturday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

Don't forget that we need curtains too!