You look just like...

As the belly grows bigger, I can't help but think about how this baby will look. I have been dying to look at my baby books and dying even more to look at Chad's. I am sad to say I don't know what he looked like when he was really little. I am a bad wife! Any who, I, like most parents, fear of having an ugly child. Is this shallow? Sure but come on, its only human. I scrounged up two photos where Chad and I are fairly close in age and thought I would post them (hopefully I can get legitimate baby photos up soon!)

Can we talk about the Deer T-Shirt tucked into the stretchy shorts. Stylin'. With my big sis Haley, I am on the left.
Chad. I just love him. Look at his squinty eyes and ears. Too adorable.
Haley and I again, we were inseparable (because I wouldn't let her be anywhere without me). You can tell I was a chubby child but this picture doesn't even do my cheeks justice. As a baby I was bald for years and fat as ever. I believe I was 9lbs 3 oz when I was born. I was a big healthy girl....

There you have it, I am so excited to see this little guy. See if he gets is Daddy's ears or his Mommy's eyes. Very exciting :)

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

All I know is... he's gonna be naughty!

Haley said...

Well, atleast we know that he'll be blonde and blue eyed for sure. :) You need to find that picture of baby Hilary in the hot tub with me and Dad. The one where your fat rolls are abundant and your sticking out your tongue. It's a CLASSIC!!