32 Weeks

32 weeks is here, aka 8 months! As of late, we are focusing on getting things ready. I am not as close to getting the nursery done as I would like and am still waiting to get my area rug to be shipped to me (its on back order and we should get it in December, I hate waiting). I also need curtains for the nursery and need to get a picture framed. Lots of little things here and there.

We are super excited for Thanksgiving because frankly, we need a break. Chad needs a break from school and work and needs to just veg by playing video games for a couple hours. He works so hard that its makes me feel good to see him just relax!

My hips are crazy sore. This is a rather new development, they started to ache this last Saturday and has been a constant companion ever since. It helps to get out and go on daily walks with my pup but I still wake up in the morning and shuffle around like an old woman. I swear I can feel my hips widening, its slightly unpleasant.

This is what I wore to church this last week. I have to wear really thin layers because I get hot so quickly. I love being outside because it cools me off, this little guy is like a furnace. I sit in relief society each week and just fan myself because I am so dang hot. Its unbelievable.

Recently, I compared myself to the Radish Spirit from Spirited away. I feel saggy and round in all the same places and waddle when I walk. Chad thought it was humorous so I thought I would share.

Happy Monday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

I can't believe you found a pic of the radish spirit! ha ha ha