Belated Gratitude

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was, we had an amazing time with family and food. It was truly fantastic and rejuvenating! We have made a tradition of making pumpkin cupcakes each Thanksgiving. Actually, I make them because they are Chad's favorite! So, Thursday morning before our dinner I made cupcakes. It was fun, I love pumpkin anything so we were happy to have them.

Chad prefers them without chocolate chips so I always make a few that are plain just for him.

What I am grateful for this year: (this is just a short list, I truly have many blessings)

1. Being pregnant. Though I have complained about aching hips and stretch marks, I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to be expecting this little guy.

2. The cold! I am usually warm person even when I am not pregnant but now that I am growing a little human, I am constantly hot. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be sweating in my office and step outside to the cold, the briskness is refreshing and I love it. Thank you for the cold!

3. Bobbie Dylan. I have talked about our pup in the past but I can't explain what a blessing she has been to Chad and I. I am grateful to have a new understanding of animals because of her and a whole new respect because of the affection and love she has shown us. She will always be our first baby and will always be spoiled. Also, I am thankful because she keeps me active. Though its tempting to lay on the couch all day, she gets me up and out the door for a daily walk.

4. Chad. This is obvious, those who now Chad realize his kindness, optimism, and strength that he gives me. Such a good man. He deserves a cookie for all he does.

5. Family. I am so grateful to have family who cares about us. Who are excited to see us whenever we are around. We feel so loved and we have such amazing support. I am especially grateful for a Mother-in-law who is SO excited to become a Grandma. She has bought piles and piles of clothes and things for the baby and we are so grateful for her generosity.

6. Our jobs. Though I can't wait to get out of the there, I am grateful that we both work for an amazing company. I am grateful to have insurance for when this baby comes and I am grateful that I can stop working once he he makes his grand entrance. That was like 3 in 1.

7. Friends. I am grateful for friends who tell me they miss me because I can't play DND like I use to (I am just too exhausted on those nights and go to bed early now, so Chad goes alone for the time being). I am grateful that they understand but still tell me they care. It means more to me then they will ever know.

8. Health. I have had allergy and asthma issues in my past but I am so grateful that through this pregnancy, I have been okay and rather healthy. It makes me more optimistic to have more children in the future. **Notice that this is being said before the delivery :)

9. Our Apartment. If you have ever lived with parents or other people while being married, you know the true joy of getting your own apartment. Our place is nothing fancy but its our own space. That is priceless. Especially while my belly grows, its often out and about because my jammie shirts don't fit as well (we're talking belly shirts). Also, its helped Bobbie a great deal. She is a terrier and needs her space. Just like her mama :)

Thats all I am going to write for now. I could make it an even 10 but frankly, this post is long enough.

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

I made those pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving this year! Although, I'm with Chad: no chocolate chips please. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Chad de Lisle said...

I'm grateful for you honey!