Bits and Pieces

As the weeks are counting down, I am trying to get Geddy's room ready. As promised in the past, I plan to have the room done by December. I am fairly close, just need to get some things hung on the wall and a picture or two framed. I plan to do a "before and after" of the room once I am finished.

There was one little project that I have been wanting to do ever since I found out Geddy was a boy. I had originally seen it on ohdeedoh.com.

Original idea from ohdeedoh.com.

What I was able to craft up. This project was tedious but I am fairly pleased with the outcome. (Pardon the crazy glare from the reflection of the glass)

Its Mario and Luigi! I grew up playing Super Mario World on Super Nintendo so, this hits close to home. I also grew up with 5 brothers so video games are not unfamiliar. Chad also spent a great deal of his childhood playing video games so when we saw this craft, it kinda melted our hearts. Isn't it great for a little boy? I am not one to use sports themes really so this was a darling alternative. We will putting them on his wall with some other items. Pictures to come!

Happy Sunday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

they turned out SO good!