Storm Rolling In

Quick post for your Saturday all! No pictures today, lame huh? I can tell things are happening with my body. Yesterday, my hips started to hurt. Not just a random cramp that went away after adjusting, the kind of ache that is dull and constant. Like someone is trying to make room down there. Its the first real discomfort that I have felt physically with this pregnancy which is pretty amazing. I also had Geddy kick so hard that it made me jump, that was odd.

I found a stretch mark on my thigh. Thats right, I no longer have the gams of a 17 year old, they are now the legs of a mother. I have actually been incredibly fortunate so far so I won't complain but I had a "come to Jesus" when I saw it because I was totally humbled. Chad had to tell me how unnoticeable it was and that it was normal and wonderful. Bless him.

I have had a few moments where I will look at Chad and think about how much I will miss him being the center of my world. I hate to say it but I will have a new little fellow to focus on entirely but I have so loved my uninterrupted Chad time for the last 4 years. Its a healthy and wonderful change though.

Those are my thoughts for the day. Any advice for a 31 week pregnant woman? On the delivery? Breast Feeding? Life after baby? Please leave it, I would love to hear it :)

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

Oh Hil, you are so funny! I loved your response to your first stretch mark. Hilarious! You'll do great with breast feeding. I was so worried about knowing how to do it, but in no time I was an old pro. Oh, but it does hurt for the first little while. Make sure you have lots of cream handy!!