Week 30

We are finally here in week 30. I can't believe it. This pregnancy seems to have lagged on until I hit my 3 trimester and know its blowing by. Here is an update on my belly (again, no makeup. I always take these pics on Saturday but I do get ready the rest of the week, I swear). And an update on how I feel and the status of life.

I feel like I am carrying so high still. I don't really know because I have never done this before but this little guy likes to stay up high and tight, it seems.

Cravings?: Same as before, I could eat a deli sandwich with a hefty pickle on the side every single day. I know, I know, I am only suppose to eat lunch meat if I heat it up.

Pains?: I have a bum right hip. I will wake up in the middle of the night and it will be cramping a little bit. Its uncomfortable and causes lots of tossing and turning but its far from unbearable. After I eat a big meal, I feel like my skin is going to split because its so tight in there. Both of those just come with the territory and overall I have felt pretty amazing. Sorry, don't mean to throw that in anyone's face.

Emotions?: Solid. Thank heaven. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a real emotional second trimester. Chad was an absolute champion and deserves a medal for helping me get through it. Now, I feel like myself again :)

Fears?: Not really fearing anything right now but both Chad and I have a lot going on. With him going to school full time and both of us working full time, we don't have much time for anything else. Our current thoughts are focused on our budget. We are trying to save while at the same time pay off some small debt and buy all the things that this child needs. Its a tough balance. We have become really strict on our budget just because we want a nice nest egg for when this little monster (I say that lovingly) comes into our lives. I will no longer be working when he comes so that slices our income, significantly. Oh, we will be poor but loving life!

Excitement?: Absolutely! The time is flying by and its coming up on my favorite seasons, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also, my birthday. I am just really starting to feel that things are going to change, obviously.

Clothing: I wear dresses, 1 pair maternity pants, and still fit into 1 pair of my pre-maternity pants. I probably need to get another basic top or two for my growing belly but I am making it work. I have certainly missed having a defined waist line though. I have always loved fashion and being pregnant does restrain you some in that area. That's okay though, it will just provide good motivation to loose the baby weight.

Stretch Marks & Belly Button?: I have one stretch mark on my left hip. I don't know if its from pregnancy or puberty because I have never really noticed it until now. Knock on wood, I still have 10 weeks to get more. Hoping I don't look like a tiger by the end of this! My belly button is holding strong and continues to be an "inny". I hope it stays that way!

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

I can't believe that you still have an inny! My belly button popped by about week 20. I'm getting so excited for you, Hil!