36 Weeks!

Can you believe it?! We are already at 36 weeks. Wow, I am still shocked that I am that far along but am grateful to be. The photo provided looks awkward and uncomfortable but it appropriately depicts the largeness of my abdomen. I knew it from the beginning, this kid was going to grow directly out and boy has he ever. My tummy is large and in charge.

I have been asked if I think I am "ready" for the baby and I would say: Yes, I am ready for this baby to come in 4 weeks, not sooner though. Technically, I have quite a bit prepared:

his nursery is done
he has somewhere to sleep
he has a car seat to come home in
he has diapers for his tiny bottom
he has clothes to wear
he has music to help him sleep
he has a rocking chair
he has food to eat (my boobs, hope they work properly)
he has a Mama and Papa who will love him
and a little furry buddy (we love our pup!)
and much much much more

I am so grateful for all the gifts and for the two amazing women who threw me baby showers. I cannot say Thank You enough to my Mother and Mother-in-law. And of course to all the friends and family who came, you have truly helped our little family with the gifts and fun things!

We are excited and so close and just hope this little dude comes at the right time. I keep praying that he will come at the right time (aka, 40 weeks or later).

Happy Monday!


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Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Anytime he comes will be the right time, because you will just be so happy that he is here! I can't wait to see him, and having a baby come a little early isn't such a bad thing. Chloe came at 37 weeks and I LOVED IT! So don't stress, just enjoy his arrival!