38 Weeks and a Pup-Date

38 Weeks! We are only 2 weeks away from the due date. Crazy. My hips are sore, my waddle is worsening, and I can't sleep at night. Must mean I am due to have a baby soon! You will notice that this picture is headless which was entirely intentional, I am feeling too puffy today.

We are ever so excited, I don't know that he will come on time though. I think he likes it in there and if hereditary has anything to do with it, he will be induced at a week late. But you never know.

On a sadder note, our little pup has been having some more tummy trouble. I have discussed in the past that she has bad acid reflex that we medicate. She was doing incredibly well for 2 months so we took her off the meds but last week she had quite the relapse and has been feeling a bit sick since. Its frustrating because the vet can't find anything wrong so its a guessing game. She still eats, drinks, runs, plays, barks but she just gets sick when her tummy is empty. Keep her in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, or what have you. We just love her and hate to see her not feel well.

Happy Wednesday!


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