Burned Toast

Have you ever felt like you may have over did it? Like pushed yourself too hard one day? It wasn't until I was largely pregnant when these days really take their toll. Yesterday was such a pleasant day. My mother threw me a baby shower and I was able to see many of my girlfriends and sister-in-laws and it really was such a treat. They all gave such wonderful gifts and it made me even more excited to meet our little buddy. A much better day than the previous.

After the the shower, I was still feeling good and decided I should grocery shop because frankly, we had no food. From there I thought I would also swing by Target and Baby R Us to get some last minute baby items (a boppy pillow and nipple cream for nursing, TMI?) By the time I got home, it was 8:45, my feet and hips hurt and Geddy was kicking my bladder pretty hard. We finished the night with watching Jimmy Fallon and Chad giving me a foot rub. I slept like a rock (considering the usual tossing and turning) and slept in past 10am (which is late for me). However, when I awoke I was still feeling exhausted. Maybe I am getting a little cold or something like that?

So today will be filled with relaxing things. Like wrapping Christmas gifts, painting my toes, writing Thank You cards, folding laundry...these are things that Chad will get upset with me for because they technically aren't relaxing. He would rather I just lay down and watch a show or something but I have been getting stir crazy as of late and need to do something at all times. I would love to take up crocheting or knitting so I can do that while watching TV. That would make Chad happy because I wouldn't be fluttering around the house all day.

I had a few of you tell me that you like to read my posts and it made me feel so good. It truly makes me so happy that people actually read my thoughts. Thanks to all of you who take the time to read what I write, regardless of its frivolity.

A hazy shot from our morning.

Happy Sunday! Hope its quiet and peaceful.



Zach'ums said...

I love that Chad demands you to relax. Great post Hilary, Cherry loves to read it while I love to mock it. Only jokes.

Haley said...

Lazy days are wonderful ... enjoy them while they last! ha ha

Jennifer O. said...

You can still reach your toes to paint them? Way to go you! By the time I'm like six months pregnant, I can't even tie my own shoes : ) Hope you enjoyed your relaxing day.