Greetings all! I hope everyone had a terrific Holiday. Chad and I had a very busy weekend filled with gift giving, family, and food. It was really wonderful to be surrounded by those we love. It has also been amazing not having work and school for several days, I have felt so spoiled to get to hang out with my super cool husband for several days. I just love him.

Today, being the day after Christmas, we again have no work or school. It was one of those days where I didn't shower until 1pm. I also haven't left the apartment at all today. Sometimes you just need days like that! I took some time to exfoliate my sore feet as well. This winter I had some pretty deep cracks on my heels so I went at em' this afternoon and did some heavy duty exfoliating. Then I hit them again with a homemade brown sugar scrub in the shower (got it as a Christmas gift from a co-worker) and then to finish them off I put on some Aveeno lotion that I got as a gift from my lovely girlfriend. BEST LOTION EVER!

You may ask "But Hilary, I thought you hated all lotion".

My response is "I do. I hate smelly lotions, I hate greasy lotions, I despise lotion. And my skin shows it because its dry and cracked".

This wonderful girlfriend of mine gave me this lotion that has no scent and is specifically not greasy yet greatly moisturizing (she knows me well). I swear by it! I didn't even intend this post to be a product review but it just went there.

Aveeno Active Naturals with Soothing Oat Essence

So if you are anything like me and would rather have dry, scaly, skin than use lotion, you may want to give this stuff a try.

Baby bump, Christmas Haul, and Updates to come this week. Stay posted!

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

Oatmeal? Does it smell like oatmeal?

Hilary said...

Ha! No, wouldn't that be awful if it did? Then I would be walking around smelling like a weirdo.

I guess oats are really soothing for the skin. If kids have chicken pox, I have heard of people giving them a warm bath with oats in it because it helps with the itching and irritation.

Oats also make a delightful balanced breakfast :)

Chad de Lisle said...

gonna steal your lotion.