Finals Week

Its finals week in the de Lisle home. And the home of many others all throughout the country. Our schedule is awry and Chad is busy writing papers and studying while I am tip toeing around the house trying to not distract the poor fellow. Some people in our home *the more furry ones* don't try to be polite at all. In fact, they sit at your feet and nudge and paw at you until you pick them up. *See Below*

Chad writing a paper with a "little help" from our bearded wonder.
She really loves daddy.

Its an understatement to say that we are excited for finals to be over and for a short week or two where we can have a break. Not really though because we are working full time and have events scheduled for pretty much every weekend. And then Chad goes back to school and...oh yeah...we have a baby. Bless this man, he deserves a medal...and a cookie :)

On a lighter note, I painted my toes! An 8 1/2 month pregnant woman to bend in half and paint her toes is blog-worthy in my book. This is probably the last time I will even attempt to paint my own. I have been advised to get a pedicure right before the baby comes, which I plan to do. Who wants to come with me?

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

Me!!! I would ;ove a pedi right now.

Chad de Lisle said...

bobby is so freaking rude !!