Giggles on a Monday

Man, I am so sleepy today. I slept for a normal amount of hours but I think its a restless sleep. Also, its a Monday which is kind of a bummer. Chad sent me some funnies that I had to post because they made my day a little more bearable. Hope you like.

This was hilarious. I am sure you recognize the iconic character from Pretty in Pink. I love that movie, oh so much. And I love that they call him the King of the Friend Zone, poor fellow.

This little one also cracked me up. Chad and I have had actual serious discussions on multiple occassions about what we would do if there was an Zombie outbreak. We discussed what we would do to stay safe, what things we would need to bring for Bobbie, and what weapons would be best. We need to discuss this again now that we have a baby to care after as well. Preparation, is important.

Hope this brightened your Monday a bit!

Happy Monday!