Is It Safe To Dance?- Week 37 Baby Bump

Here we are friends, 37 weeks. I am technically "full term" but am totally okay with keeping this little tyke in the ol' belly for a few more weeks. Although, my poor belly is really tired and you can totally tell. My most recent doctors appointment went great and I actually set an induction date in case the little monster (I say that fondly) decides he doesn't want to move out. This little boy will be out by January 18th whether he wants to or not! I keep saying that I am evicting him at that point (either that or he needs to start paying some major rent).

This sweater is surprisingly not maternity and of course it being striped, I am rather fond of it. Although I passed the cute phase of pregnancy (I passed that phase about 17 weeks ago), it feels good to wear something you actually like. I am getting to the point where I have about 5 shirts that I can still wear (I mix them up with cardigans and such). I refuse to buy more maternity clothes because I am so dang close. I have, in fact, bought non-maternity attire for after the baby comes and the "bread belly" goes away.

Recently, I have been day dreaming of what it was like to be able to go out for a jog. Its interesting because I actually dislike running (especially odd because I was an athlete all growing up) but I thought about how amazing it will feel to actually exercise and push my body after the baby is born and I have healed. It will just feel good to be exhausted and have sore muscles from a work out rather than exhausted and have sore hips after a night of tossing and turning.

We are very excited about his baby boy. My co-workers were SO kind and threw me a baby shower at work. I was totally surprised! I was so blessed to have had 3 different showers during this pregnancy. Thanks again to all of those who participated.

Happy Wednesday!



Two Little Mittons said...

I love that sweater! So cute!

Haley said...

Ifelt the same way about longing to work out. It will be here before you know it! Ihope my bread belly goes away someday...

Chad de Lisle said...

I lol'd when i read the title of this post!