The Little Things

Yesterday was, well lets be honest, horrible. It started with me winning a Wii at work but not being able to claim it at the raffle because I lost my ticket. While walking to the car, I found this said ticket but could do nothing because they already given it to someone else.

Then it continued by Chad and I trying to go to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday just the two of us. Unfortunately, I was crying through the entire meal. Eyes welling up, red faced, avoiding eye contact with the waitress, I could not stop crying. I was just that upset about not winning the Wii (not really, there was something else going on which I will not be giving details about). Poor Chad, there was nothing he could do, I just couldn't stop. We couldn't even have a conversation because I kept getting choked up.

On arriving home, I was sick for 20 minutes from the food. I will also refrain from the details on that one. Then the night ended with me getting a horrible allergy attack that put me in bed at 10pm. Lets just say I was giving the day the middle finger and was clocking out.

This morning I awoke to one of the simplest gestures. Donuts. Chad knew that I was majorly down and out and so he got up before me and went to the bakery close to our house and bought me Birthday donuts because our dinner the previous night was such a bust. He ALSO bought milk from 711 (I haven't grocery shopped because of lack of time. We have no food. But now we can at least eat cereal!)

Just one of the delightful surprises.

Happy Saturday! Hope it is a good one for all of you.


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Haley said...

Some days just STRUGGLE. Amen, sista. Glad Chad had your back.