New Years Resolutions

I have never been a "resolutions" kind of gal. I have always had the motto of "if you don't make resolutions, you can't break them, therefore you can't fail". I am thinking that I am one year older and will be in a different place this year being a new Mama and all so here goes.

1. Lose the baby weight. I have never been someone who has obsessed about weight but when you gain a lot in a short amount of time for something like pregnancy, it is rather eye opening. Pregnancy puts your body through a lot of hard stuff and I feel bad for my big belly and other expanding areas. So I am going to try and pay my body back. I hope to lose this baby weight by exercising and eating well.

2. Read More. I love reading, it is a past time that I didn't grow to appreciate until I was out of high school so I feel like I have totally wasted good years of reading. Plus, my husband is working towards eventually getting a Doctorate in English so his wife needs to be well read :)

3. Write about what I want/things that interest me. I have really enjoyed blogging for the most part but I had a really hard time blogging about anything other than the pregnancy during this 9 months. Though I loved documenting the experience, I am growing weary of it now (I am sure you all feel the same). I am excited to blog about things I am interested in as well as my new little family.

I know that many people are going with "12 in 2012" as far as resolutions go but I am starting small. What are your New Years Resolutions?

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

I love making resolutions! I definitely will have the "lose the baby weight" goal. I've got a rockin' spare tire right now that is preventing me from wearing anything besides my fat jeans. Grrr.

Chad de Lisle said...

5) climb mount timpanogos.