An Agreement

Yesterday, the spouse and I came to an agreement. He would go and get his drivers license renewed (something on our To Do list for quite some time) and I would work on packing my hospital bag. And we actually accomplished both! Look at us go! I still got flustered when I was thinking about packing my toiletries like face wash and toothbrush because I still use those everyday. I don't want to repack them each time I use them...lets just say they are still on my bathroom counter.

Nursing pads, maxi pads, or nipple cream anyone? I can tell this will be a fun experience.

While packing, someone found a baby blanket that she quite liked. This will be interesting.

Some may have heard that our pup had to get a new "do". Her beard was getting terribly matted so we took her in to get groomed and they shaved it all off. She looks like a different breed to me and it was so strange to see her at first. She even seemed a little embarrassed herself. But its really nice to have a super clean dog for when we have a newborn.

Happy Saturday!



Chad de Lisle said...

who will win the battle of the blanket? baby or bobby?

Haley said...

I'm glad to hear that you're not trying to tackle the grooming process on your own. :) Bobby looks stunning.

Elizabeth said...

Hurray! Missed you today at the 'homestead' but, so excited that things are going to be happening soon. I'd love to come see you in the hospital if you'd like a visitor!