The Grand Transition

I have only a quick moment to throw a post up, I am using the time while Geddy sleeps and I should shower but am blogging instead :) Things have been tough with the issues I ran into with my incision, its hard to care for a newborn when you literally have a gaping wound but its healing surprisingly fast which I believe I have all the prayers to thank for (thank you everyone!)

Geddy has been doing really well, apart from the fact that his fussy time is from about 2-6 am. Its fair to say that we are exhausted and sleep at weird hours around this house. Oh well, its part of the adjustment. Chad has been an absolute wonder and has fallen into the roll of Father with such grace that its shocking. He is patient and changes diapers, gives baths, rocks Geddy in weird ways just to get him to settle down. He has also had to play doctor with my incision. I go to the real doctor each day so that he can clean it but Chad has to clean it twice day on the weekends and from what I understand, its not a site for the queezy. He has blown me away by his easy transition into fatherhood, its been remarkable and he makes it look so easy!

Though this has come with its challenges, I just keep thinking that this too shall pass and I will have new and different problems in the future. I saw this online and it cracked me up.

Poor Britney.

A few things that I am looking forward to?:

1. Not bleeding or oozing all over the place. With a C-Section, breast feeding, and bleeding in "other" places, makes for some discomfort. I can't wait to just worry about the breast feeding.

2. Going for walks with Bobbie and Geddy. Once I found out I was pregnant, I was already excited to take walks each day with my boy and pup. Its been such a mild winter here so I hope that I can do that once I have healed. Fingers crossed.

3. Sleep in the same bed, at the same time, as my spouse. Because of Geddy's odd sleeping hours, Chad and I have been taking shifts at night with one of us up with the babe and the other catching some z's in the bed. I would love for this to change sooner than later but we will see what the little dude does.

Happy Saturday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I've never been so tired. I can't believe you did the night shift last night all by yourself. You're my heroine, and by that I mean "Lady Hero"; I don't want to inject you and listen to jazz.

Haley said...

You are doing so awesome Hil! You have such a great attitude and aren't afraid to laugh at the chaos. You're right, it does calm down eventually. Then you have another baby and it's crazy all over again, ha ha. Love the Britney picture! So dang funny!