A New Chapter

Well, today was my first "official" day of not working. This is a new chapter in my life and I have mixed feelings. Though I have been looking forward to this time for many years, I am finding the transition to be slightly more complicated than I thought.

I have been struggling with the fact that Chad goes to school and then straight to work while I just chill at home. Granted, I am 9+ months pregnant and will have a baby any day now but I just feel almost guilty for not contributing to our financial situation. At the same time, we would both prefer that I be home, its just felt strange.

I also struggle with being bored. I waddle to and fro but I cannot manage to just sit and relax. Though it would be smart to take it easy before the baby comes because it will be crazy once the little dude gets here, I just get stir crazy. I woke up this morning and was already bored so I rolled out of bed (quite literally rolled) and walked the dog, then got ready for the day and went grocery shopping and did the laundry. When I told Chad about my events of the day, he sternly told me to "be careful". He is worried that I am pushing myself too hard and lets be honest, after my "busy" day my feet and hips were grateful for a break.

I do not want to seem ungrateful, I am thrilled to be able to stay home with my baby. I truly am but change, even when its positive, can be and adjustment.

Happy Thursday!



Stephum said...

Think of how much money you are saving by not paying to have me as a nanny. Not to mention the peace of mind.

Chad de Lisle said...