Quick Photos

Here are some random photos of our little Geddy Monster (we call him monster fondly but appropriately). We love our little guy but he keeps us on our toes and has a real diva streak. He will go from 0-60 and get so mad in no time flat. It just shows that this kid has some crazy fight in him. Its almost like he has a sassy mother or something? :) Enjoy!

The proud and ever so handsome, papa.
Geddy and his big sister. This was such a pleasant site!
One of my favorite faces that Geddy makes.

Happy Thursday? I have totally lost track of the days.



ChotZ said...

CUTE!! I love your pictures of him!! :)

Chad de Lisle said...

I'm so glad you got a picture of that face he makes!

Haley said...

Oh my heavens! I love him! Does he look like Chad as a baby? He really is sooo stinking cute.