4 1/2 Weeks Old

Well, I completely missed with 3. My bad. Our little dude is a bit of a grumps when awake. All he wants to do is eat ALL the time. He will have just eaten 40 minutes earlier and act like he is starving. I know he is eating enough because he has enough dirty diapers during the day. I think that when I hold him, he assumes that its time to eat all the time. Is that a thing? Has that been proven? When others hold him, he seems to settle down a bit. Its quite perplexing.

We still find him adorable with his cute belly and grape toes. He has been sleeping pretty well at night, we still have some nights where he will want to stay up too late or will have a hard time falling back to sleep after eating but for the most part, we are pleased. He still doesn't have a schedule during the day, I just try and let him sleep a lot in the mornings and afternoon so he will sleep at night. When do I start putting him on a real nap schedule?

He still only smiles in his sleep. Its incredibly cute and makes me so excited for him to get older so he can smile and laugh with me. I really love my little guy be we sometimes get in fights and I realize how strong willed he is. What am I going to do when he gets older? We are going to have a very special relationship I think.

He kept sliding down the couch so I would have to adjust him after each picture.

Happy Sunday!



Haley said...

I cannot decide you he looks like. Do you think he looks like you or Chad, or neither?

Chad de Lisle said...

He's handsome.