6 Weeks!

6 Weeks old. Wow, time goes so fast! Our baby boy is getting older by the second and we just love him to death. He has started smiling and it, quite frankly, is the cutest thing ever. Our little dude has quite the attitude and so when he breaks the sass into a smile, we can't resist giving him kisses.

He loves tummy time, so much so that it often ends in a nap. When he is really upset, we always give him a chance to lay on his tummy and sometimes, its just what he needed. He loves to be bounced and is starting to like cuddling less. Geddy values time laying by himself unswaddled when awake.

We love our precious little boy, even though he can be a bit of a bully. Its a good thing he is so cute :)

Happy Thursday!



Jenny said...

I love him. He is getting so big!

Haley said...

Love the first picture! He's got his shoulders cocked, like he's thinking, "Okay already, take the picture."

Zach Stewart said...

Man he is adorable! I just hope that Chad cleared up all that rumpelstiltskin stuff.