A Beautiful Head of Hair

Well, to start, I was born bald. Not just super light colored hair, but bald. Only little wispies covered my big round, chubby, head. Now, bald babies can still be charming and cute however, it becomes less cute when you are 3 and are still bald. So bald I may have looked a little like a cancer patient. I didn't start to get a good head of hair til maybe 5-ish. That me be exagerated but not by much.

Chad had a bit of hair when he was born but it was really light, he is still a dark blond to this day. So with our history considered, I wasn't expecting our wee baby boy to have any hair, at all. So, when I held my little lad for the first time with the glorious head of hair that he had, I was rather pleased. Now, many will laugh because this "glorious head of hair" that my boy has is minimal but it was more than I expected!

His hairline is a bit old man-ish, I realize that.

Here are some other photos from my phone that I took this last week. I try and upload as many as possible because I don't scrapbook or write in a journal so this blog works as both for me. Enjoy!

I had to take a picture of him wearing this little onesie because it says "Cutest Monster". Its fitting because we fondly refer to Geddy as our little monster.

Lastly, can I just tell you that my boy slept from 11:40 pm to 7 am? Straight through. I literally woke up and thought he was surely dead but behold, he was alive and kickin'! Its a good thing he slept so long because I was mega emotional the night before from lack of sleep. Like, so emotional that I was weepy over the silliest things. Chad lovingly took over for me and sent me to bed. Bless that man.

Happy Saturday!



Haley said...

Go Geddy! Those unexpected long stretches are heaven.

Haley said...

Go Geddy! Those unexpected long stretches are heaven.