Early Valentine's Day and Shoe of the Day

Chad and I celebrated Valentine's Day early because its actually on a Tuesday which doesn't give us much time to celebrate. My Mother-in-Law was nice enough to come and watch Geddy for us while we took the afternoon for ourselves. We went to Texas Roadhouse and Chad treated me to a delightful steak followed by Iceberg Milk Shakes. I must say that Ice Berg always disappoints me. They use way too much vanilla ice cream even when I ask for double the cookie. Luckily Chad's shake was good so I enjoyed part of his. Ha!

Look at this handsome devil. He is the best!

After our wonderful lunch, we went grocery shopping and ran a few errands. I have been wanting to buy some kind of dirty diaper pail to help cut the sour scent that has formed in our apartment. Bless our little boy's heart but like all babies, he poops and pees like crazy which can become a bit stinky. I was wanting specifically a "Diaper Champ" and went to both Walmart and Target with no success. In one last try I went to Babies R Us and found one ON SALE! Here is the catch, they only had it in pink and not the blue. It was the very last one as well. I sat and contemplated...was it really that big of a deal that I get the pink? Geddy won't care and its just going to sit in our bathroom...will people make fun of us? I swallowed my pride and took the only Diaper Champ I could find to the cashier and bought it. It was a rather good price as well so, we will just have to get over the color.

Lastly, I know I have posted these shoes before but wanted to show you in person. They are my leopard loafers that I got for my Birthday/Christmas. I wore them on our date with my striped red cardigan pictured here and gray skinny denim. The outfit was pretty bangin' and the colors went well together. Very pleased indeed.

Also, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without flowers! My darling spouse brought me these gorgeous flowers and I, as always, was thrilled. I love receiving flowers, cliche, I know. Though I have not been a fan of Valentine's Day in my earlier years, I do appreciate the special day now that I have found my sugar.

Happy Saturday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

You kept digging in my shake and stealing all my mini marshmallows!