I'm in Repair (A Letter to My Incision)

Dearest Gregory (the ongoing open wound),

I understand that you are cross because you were created. I too don't love the gaping wound created to bring my son into the world, HOWEVER, it was totally worth it. I am grateful that we removed the blood clot from within you and I thank you for healing and not becoming infected.

With that said, I would really love for you to just close up now. You have made your point and I am well aware that you are there and will never EVER forget you. I am keeping you clean and bandaged so I am doing my part, now I need you to do yours. Close yourself, be healed, be gone.

Kind Regards,

I went to the doctor this morning and though the incision looks beautiful, it is taking a bit longer to heal than I and the Doctor anticipated. As the incision closes and heals closer to the surface, it is now tender and feels kind of like a deep paper cut. Not a stinging pain but I can feel the skin rubbing on it which is constant reminder of its existence. Don't get me wrong, I would do this again because my son is totally worth it but I feel pretty hardcore for going through this.

A quick shot of home life. Everyone loves Daddy. When he comes home from work I sing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I could be". Bobbie is so thrilled when he comes home, at times she will wait by the door for him to arrive. Its adorable (and a little offensive because she is so over me). Boppy Pillows have many purposes, our pup recognized that.

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

Oh man! I hope your wound heals soon! It seems like you've had it forever, and I'm sure it's forever times two for you.

Chad de Lisle said...

Gregory is the worst.