Losing It and Shoe of the Day

Last night when I had a moment to put our little dude down for a bit, I had a chance to try on some new clothes that I got for Christmas. This was literally the first time I had tried on real clothes. Thats right, I have been wearing oversized hoodies and sweats for the last 3 weeks. Nothing else. Don't judge.

I must say that I was nervous at first, this was going to reflect how much I have lost so far since the boy was born. I haven't really been someone who has obsessed about weight but I can say that by the end of my pregnancy, everything on my body was "fuller" than before and I could feel it.

As I tried on some of my new tops and sweaters, I was so pleasantly surprised! Things were actually fitting remotely well. I have lost more than I thought which I have breast feeding, stress, and lack of sleep to thank. I still have an unsightly "bread belly" thats weirdly soft and slouchy. Does that gross you out? Me too. Does it ever go away? Does it ever tighten up, even a little? Mother's please advise. And if you are a Mother who have never had this said "bread belly" don't comment because you make everyone else feel bad :)

Along with the tops and sweaters, I tried on a pair of heels that I got for Christmas as well. They are the most impractical heels known to man and ridiculously tall but I could not resist. When I first tried them on around Christmas time, my feet were a tad on the swollen side so when I tried them on last night, they fit so much better. Oh the joys of not being pregnant. I actually have ankles again!

Thank goodness the spouse is tall.
Total 70's vibe.
These are Steve Maddens that I got for 60% off. Probably only wearable for 3 hours or less, church shoes but only when I know Chad can carry the car seat the whole time :)

Also, a few photos to leave you with. Geddy only smiles when he sleeps and it is the cutest thing ever. Of course I think that, I am his Mother. Here is a picture capturing a sleepy semi-smile. He does have quite the charming side.

Happy Saturday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I didn't have a baby but I had bread tummy all through highschool...

Jenny said...

The "bread belly" does go away, but it does take awhile. As in, I still have a slight case and P is almost 6 months old.

ChotZ said...

Whoa! I love those pictures of him. He is so darling!! Sweet high heels!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh oh! He is SO stinking cute! I have GOT to come hold him! I'm calling you tomorrow and setting up a date!