Shoe of the Day and Awake Smiles

Quick Shoe of the Day! This is one of the last things that I got for Christmas. Because of the whole "becoming a Mommy" thing, I have definitely been behind on posting things. Also, I have been wanting to blog but frankly didn't know what to post. Now that I have some photos, it gives me motivation.

I got these on sale (of course) from Urban Outfitters. I loved the double strap and the ankle straps. They will be super fun during the summertime and are insanely comfortable because they are a platform. Booya!

In just the last couple of days, Geddy has begun smiling WHILE AWAKE. As in, I can actually talk to him and make faces and he is starting to react. Its the sweetest thing, it can turn any stressful moment upside down and make it quickly pleasant. Please pardon his skin, I realize he has some baby acne which I am entirely to blame. I have renowned sensitive skin, the dermatologist was my best friend growing up. We do keep him clean and try our best to take care of it. I think we will just have to battle it with time unfortunately.

This is his intense face.
Sorry its blurry, it was just too cute to pass up.

Happy Sunday!


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Haley said...

I always feel like those baby smiles at 6 weeks are not a moment too soon! I am glad you are having fun interacting with him.