8 Weeks

Its been 8 weeks! Thats right, Mr. Boy is about 2 months old. Its crazy that he has been alive for about 60 days. Its been quite the journey, a good one.

Immediately following Geddy's pictures, as I was putting the camera away, Bobbie sat right in his place. So we snapped a few shots of her too. Love it.

A few things about Geddy:
-he LOVES bath time with Daddy (post on this to come).
-he is an amazing sleeper. When we put him down for the night, he will fuss a tiny bit but then he falls asleep on his own. He usually sleeps at least 6 hours, eats, and then goes back down for another 3. I pray this doesn't change.
-when he is awake and pleasant, he will talk with goos and gaas and smile. However, this is only about once per day.
-when he is really upset or if he is waking up, he will vigorously rub his face across your entire chest.

Current Nicknames:
-Bubba Brewster
-Little Monster/Geddy Monster
-The Captain
-Geddy Spaghetti

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

I love that Bobbie hopped up there on her own, as if to say, "And now it's MY turn?"

Anonymous said...

- Geddy Prime
- Geddy Warbucks


Chad de Lisle said...

Also Eskimo.