Bath Time

One of Geddy's (and the rest of us) favorite time of the day is bath time. Why is it his favorite, you may ask? Because Daddy is in charge! Since Geddy's birth, Chad has given him his bath every night (except for his first one in the hospital, performed by Abbyquela and his first at home, performed by his Grandma Charlene). But this is entirely a Daddy duty and Chad does a glorious job.

The first few times, our little monster detested every moment but after about a couple of days, he has grown so fond of the experience. Here are some pictures captured of our little dude during bath time.

This was as a smile was fading, I thought it was cute.

After Chad has scrubbed our little dude form head to toe, he puts the warm rags on his chest and legs so he can enjoy the warmth. Geddy's little tub has a sling (similar to a hammock) that he lays on. He loves to put his little left foot off the edge of the sling into the warm water below. He does it every single time and its the cutest thing ever. You can kind of see it in the bottom picture.

After the bath is over, Chad pours out the water from the little tub by tilting it to the side and holding on to Geddy real tight while saying "Man Overboard!" Geddy got his nickname "The Captain" from bath time. Then he is bundled up in a warm towel to be dried, followed by baby lotion. This has definitely become a bedtime routine in our house!

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

I love the details that you documented in this post. After you have long forgotten the way Geddy dipped his toe in the water, this post will bring the memories flooding back. Chad is an awesome daddy!

Elizabeth said...

LOVE love a baby after a bath! They're the most snuggly warm yummy things!

Chad de Lisle said...

The pictures turned out SO good hil!! great work!