Bedroom Tour

I spent so much time taking pictures of our bedroom for this post. Because our apartment is on the bottom, the lighting is despicable, even when its suppose to be good lighting. Please bare with me, I am no photographer but I did get SOME decent photos.

I love when people post tours of where they live. It totally shows me what their tastes are and can say so much about them. Because of that, I have decided to gradually give tours of the rooms in my apartment. That way you can see what my living space is like. You will recall the Nursery Tour a while back. Here, you will see a peek into my bedroom!

This is a shot from the doorway. Our Bedroom is really small, especially with our king size bed in it.
Our little diva. She couldn't resist being involved in our photo shoot.
My close friend picked up this while in NYC. John Lennon = awesome.
These are Super Hero stamps that I found. Decided to frame them :)
These bookshelves nearly poked out Chad's eye but we really love having them.
Sleeping mask that Chad got me and some EOS chapstick. LOVE both.
Our bed is ridiculously high, which I don't love. So, we had to buy little steps so Bobbie could get up and down. Also, there is her crate that she used to sleep in. But, as seen above, she has moved up to our bed. She sleeps on a bed upon a bigger bed. Spoiled girl. Just to the left of those is my closet.
One nice thing about a tall bed is the storage below.
Opposite side of the bedroom.

There you have it! That is our bedroom. It is small but we have managed to fit plenty in it. My favorite thing about our room would be our king size bed. We are fairly tall people and we love the space of a large bed. Also, I love how bright it is with the white walls and furniture. And lastly, our comforter is beyond amazing. So fluffy and perfect to cuddle in.

One last thing, look at my hall closet. I just recently organized it and was so pleased that I thought I would share. Before, you couldn't see the carpet because there was so much crap in it. I get high off of organizing.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Thursday!



Sandalsthelamanite said...

Maybe I should blog and give a tour of my apartment. It might motivate me to clean a little....

Haley said...

I love your room! I love the bright splashes of color. My bedroom is soooo bland. Someday, when I have money, or energy - or both - I will spruce it up like yours. So cute!