Date Night

Chad and I were able to sneak away Wednesday night and grab a bite to eat with just the two of us. We are always so grateful to go out and about together. This time we went to Los Hermanos for some Mexican food. I craved their salsa like nothing else while I was first pregnant with Geddy. It was ridiculous how much I loved their food. We hadn't been in a while since, so it was refreshing to go back.

I love the location of the restaurant in Provo. Its very old school and looked lovely at night.
Our waiter suggested that we squeeze a little lime in the Salsa. AMAZING. Will do that from now on. And of course some Diet Coke.

My Beef Enchiladas. Yum.
Chad's Smothered Burrito.
I actually got ready so of course I had to document it. I even wore jeans with a normal waistband! Exciting, yes? Trying out my new red lipstick as well.

After Los Hermanos, we snuck over to the Chocolate again. You'll remember I reviewed it here. We have gotten something different every time we go so this time we tried the Red Velvet cake. I am really picky when it comes to red velvet. Too often it is dry and the frosting is never cheesy enough so I was skeptical.

Here is our slice before we scarfed it down. I was pleasantly pleased with this cake! The frosting was not very cheesy, however it was very tasty and perfectly sweet. The cake too was impressive, very moist and full of flavor. We both really enjoyed it.

Yes, my top has horses on it. No big deal.
My handsome date.

Don't you wish every night was date night? I sure do, filled with delicious food and wonderful company.

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

Oh ... American Mexican, how I miss you. NC seriously struggles in that department.