First Day of Church

Remember when I used to blog so consistently and it was awesome? I don't know what happened. I am not necessarily busy I just didn't have much to say. Weird right? Well, lets hope this post will spark by chatter bug and lead to consistent posts again!

Yesterday, Geddy went to all 3 hours of church. I was nervous to say the least but he did quite amazing! He went with Chad to Priesthood and slept through all of that and Sunday School. Sacrament meeting he woke up so I gave him a bottle. This was followed by the perfect storm. He vomited all over my cardigan (the one moment when I didn't have a burp rag on my shoulder) and then followed by a rolling thunder in his pants (you know what I mean). Soon after, he began some major fussing because he was tired of being held. I scurried to the bathroom where I changed him and then I laid him on the couch in the hallway where we stayed for the rest of the meeting. It was great though because I was able to listen to all of the speakers over the intercom.

While sitting on the couch, Chad came and joined us and I was able to get some really cute pictures on my phone. Geddy loves his Daddy, big time.

Daddy pretending to eat Geddy's hand. Geddy thought it was hilarious.
Geddy's Sunday Best. It was nice and warm yesterday and our church building may, quite frankly, be the hottest place on Earth, hence the short sleeves.

Geddy loves to be in the buff. I have heard this is the case for most babies. Sometimes, when he has been held for a long time and he begins to fuss, we will shed the clothes and lay on a blanket in just a diaper (if the temperature allows it of course). Grandma Glenna got a blanket made for Geddy that is so cozy and cute! The fabric is to die for because its so soft and snuggly, I wish I could wear a diaper and be wrapped in it too! Lucky boy.

Diaper time in his "Camping Blanket". So snuggly. Thanks Grandma Glenna!

Gregory Update: I believe my incision is ALMOST healed!!! I am scared to even say it becaise I don't want to jinx it! But after nearly 10 weeks of dealing with it open, I cannot tell you how pleased I am. Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts sent my way.

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

What a great day. (That building is hot as heck though...)

Haley said...

I love Geddy! I feel like I already know him. Can't wait to see him soon. Oh, and babies always know when you aren't shielded by a burp cloth. That's when they seem to unleash their fury.