Geddy's Blessing (Part 2)

Here are some pictures of those who attended our get together after the Baby Blessing. Though there were some who were not able to attend and we missed dearly, we were so grateful for all the close friends and family who were in attendance. We felt so loved by everyone's support and the kind words during our little guys big debut. I can't express how grateful I was to see a house full of people who care about us so much. It was a very special day indeed.

Here are all the photos, they are entirely random and totally candid...sometimes too candid.

My Mother made roast, potato salad, 2 cakes, and a pie. Only Charlene.
I got you Aj, you didn't notice this one.
Grant and Kinley
Grandma Glenna and Geddy.
My darling Sister-in-Law and Geddy's future play buddy, Kimball.
Zach and Cherry and my nieces, also I think that is the back of Heidi's head. Very cute hair :)
Jon, Colin, and Izumi.
Christie (Baby C) and Jordy.
Brandon (doesn't he look intellectual?).

Chad gave the blessing and it was beautiful. Some of the things mentioned were:

-Geddy will be blessed with strength, health, and vitality with a sound mind.
-He will be a great example to those around him, including future siblings.
-Will show respect and honor for those around him, especially his beautiful Mother.
-He will come to the covenant of the Lord and the Priesthood.
-He we be able to go to the temple and have an eternal companion and family.
-That he will be talented and go after those things he is interested in.
-He will thirst after righteousness in all his days.

There you have it, as I said many times, the day was delightful. I am again so grateful. Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

I love seeing those pictures! Since very few of our siblings blog, I really haven't seen them in ages. It was fun to get snapshots of our wonderful family!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Another baby after a bath picture! Oh man, was that embarassing! SO thankful for your fabulous mother in law that day!