A Letter to Geddy and Baby Blessing (Part 1)

This last Sunday was our little Geddy's baby blessing. It was such an incredible day and such an honor to be the Mother of this charming little boy. We were nervous about how he would do during the blessing and sacrament meeting but he was an absolute DREAM. Chad said that his eyes were wide open and staring at Chad during his blessing. Then he slept through the rest of sacrament meeting. It was amazing. I have a lot of pictures and information covering this big day so I am splitting it into 2 parts. This portion will be focused on Geddy's blessing outfit and my letter to him. The next portion will be pictures of the family and friends as well as the notes of what was in the blessing. So stay tuned!

I wanted Geddy to have a blessing outfit that wasn't hideous and affordable. Also, I didn't want it to be only white, I wanted to spruce it up with some color. The little outfit is a sweater set that I found on sale. There were so many cute things but they were all so expensive. I was relieved when I found this one on sale, it was next to an awful little pleated tuxedo number that made me want to die (of distaste). I had to take these pictures the day after the blessing because I wanted to take him out of them ASAP so he wouldn't poop or vomit on it. It was a success! He also wore a little white onesie underneath so you couldn't see his skin through it. See, I'm not that bad of a mom :)

The booties were a gift from my Sister-in-Laws Mother, they are hand crocheted (or knitted, I don't know the difference). I just couldn't help the bright orange with the white, total statement piece.

To My Geddy Monster,

It is the morning of your blessing, your special day. I woke up at about 6:15, our usual morning feeding time but you were still asleep. Worried that you were dead, I checked your breathing (as many mothers do) and was relieved to hear your noisy little self sleeping peacefully. Instead of climbing back to bed and getting an extra 20 minutes, I decided that this was the perfect time to write my little boy a letter.

Geddy, you are a joy and a wonder to me. You have a personality that is all boy, an independent little fighter. You had to be this way so you could pull through during birth. But there are many times during the day when you just need cuddles and gentle rocking to put you to sleep. I have seen your softer side and it melts my heart every time. There is a very special spot in my heart that only you have filled and we have a connection that is strong that only a mother and son could have.

You have made me, your Mother, a much better person. I have always been nurturing but having you has made me even more so. It has directed that nurturing energy into something very strong. Compassion is a powerful thing, which I know will carry you through your life. Motherhood can be a challenge but seeing your dark grey eyes look right at me, followed by your goofy open mouthed smile makes every sleepless night or painful recovery so worth it.

Motherhood is such a gift but Fatherhood is extraordinary as well. Your Father is a wonderful man and you love him so much. There are times where I can't console you and you just want your Daddy. You fall silent when he bounces you and you stare at his face. I can see the peace you feel when you are with him and you make your Father so proud. Such a handsome boy would make any Daddy proud. Bath time is such a pleasant time in our house because Daddy is in charge. You are so fortunate to have Chad as a Father, he will teach you how to be a man that is strong but sensitive and compassionate.

Your middle name is your Grandfather's. I want you to know that he is a strong and wonderful man. We are honored to give his name to you and know that you will grow to appreciate it. He is strong, consoling, and would sacrifice anything for his family.

We hope as you grow, that you will be able to see the gift of living not only in yourself but in all creatures. We hope that you grow up loving your little furry sister, Bobbie, who has adored you since day 2 ;). She sees your sweet spirit and loves to be close to you. Whether it be taking up all the room on Mama's lap just so she can be in on all the cuddles or laying next to you during tummy time. She gets excited when we go into your nursery to pick you up after naps. I pray that you know the gift of having an "animal companion", its priceless.

Geddy, you have a wonderful life ahead of you and I know you will make the best of it. You are a fighter who can get through anything but deep down, you're just a softy. I love you and am excited and so grateful to have you in my life. You were meant to be my son.



Haley said...

What a sweet letter and a handsome boy! I love the orange booties. Elizabeth's mom is awesome! You are such a natural mom, Hil. I'm glad that you are having such a wonderful experience.

Chad de Lisle said...

That is my favorite post you've ever done. Its beautiful.

Zach Stewart said...

It is amazing to realize that you and Chad are parents. Who ever thought you would bring such happiness and joy to my best friend when we were hanging out in highschool...10 years ago!

I love you both and can't wait to have an opportunity to have our children hang out together.