A Letter to Gregory

Dearest Gregory (the ongoing open wound),


Kind Regards,

As you have already guessed from my little letter, my incision is STILL open. After my incision was re-opened, it was suppose to take 2 weeks to heal. My son is currently 2 months old and it is still there, haunting me everyday. Thats right, its been an additional 6 weeks. Though I know my little dude was totally worth it, I am still exceedingly frustrated. My fantastic doctor is completely stumped because everything looks healthy and clean down there but it just won't close for some reason! I am about to go all Gob on this thing, "Return from Whence you Came!"

Happy Thursday!


1 comment:

Haley said...

Maybe you should just buy some good packaging tape and wrap it around your abdomen a time or two.