3 Months

Our little dude is officially 3 months today! I can't believe the changes he has made since we brought him home. This 3 month old baby is more familiar to me because he reminds me of what he was like when I was pregnant. He was very calm while I was carrying him, only moved enough so I knew he was alive. He is very content now and rather pleasant! He reminds me of his Father, Chad is very very happy but if pushed too far, he does have a temper. That describes my little dude perfectly. He can get mad super fast if we do not react to his wants but he is always courteous and lets us know when he needs something.

Geddy has began yelling more than crying. His yells are often precursors to hard crying. Its almost to let us know that its coming. He also jabbers and coos after he has eaten and is awake. He is an excellent sleeper at night, always sleeping at least 8 hours. Once he wakes up and eats, he goes back down for another 2 hours. I love it. Though he is a sound sleeper at night, he struggles with nap time. Our naps consist of us fighting it out until he finally lets sleep overtake him. We are working on it.

Geddy has always been a really strong boy. Even when we brought him home, he had a strong neck and a fiery personality (I think he needed it to survive). Now he still holds his head very strong and likes to stand. When he is really mad and we are fighting over nap time, he straightens his body stiff as a board and I can barely get him to bend his legs. He tolerates tummy time but we definitely have to do it in small intervals so as not to encourage a rage episode.

Geddy has also noticed his big sissy, Bobbie, for the first time in the last month. She would never stay put long enough for him to lock onto her with his eyes but I have been noticed that he has been able to look at her while she sits by him on the floor. Bobbie still adores Geddy and is eager for him to be able to play. Its so cute. Our little man LOVES chewing his hands. Everyone comments and says he must be hungry but he usually does it when he is tired. He would much rather chew his hands than a pacifier. Sometimes he will put his fingers too far back and it makes him gag a little. He then scowls at me as if to ask "why did you do that?"

There you have it! Our little man is growing ever so much and is becoming even more handsome by the day :) (I can say that because I am his Mother). My Mother-in-Law insures me that he is the cutest baby ever.

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

Oh my heavens, I love Geddy! I love that he is such a fighter (even though sometimes it drives you bonkers)!

Chad de Lisle said...

he's getting so big!